HONEYCAT: A Minimalist Jewelry Brand For Women

Hard jewelry has the power to transform the wearer into a confident being. Try a minimalist approach to fashion and jewelry with HONEYCAT. The right pieces can taketime to find, and quality metals are priced in a variety of ways. Luckily the HONEYCAT team will do all the hard work for you. Often a minimalistContinue reading “HONEYCAT: A Minimalist Jewelry Brand For Women”

Sweet Jules Gifts: A Women-Owned Candy Business

For many reasons, people from an early age are drawn to candy. Some people like chocolate, others like something a bit more softly. Of course, almost everyone enjoys a bit of lollipop too. In many cases, candy reminds adults of a time when they were children. A certaintaste or even smell can lure us intoContinue reading “Sweet Jules Gifts: A Women-Owned Candy Business”

Richer Poorer: A Women’s Comfort Clothing Brand

Richer Poorer is a women’s first clothing brand that resides in major retailors like Nordstrom. Having their essential tanks and crop tops, many are purchasing the recycled fleece hoodie. “It’s easier if your wardrobe is made up of elements that look great and make you feel good.” says a Richer Poorer employee. What Richer PoorerContinue reading “Richer Poorer: A Women’s Comfort Clothing Brand”

The Honey Pot Company: Feminine Wash Products

Women always seem to get uncomfortable when talking about their wash products. As a consequence, women can unknowingly cause infections if they are not careful. Fortunately, more female hygiene brands are increasing in popularity as more women are sharing their experiences. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of your body needs, that’s why The Honey Pot CompanyContinue reading “The Honey Pot Company: Feminine Wash Products”

Truly Good Foods: A Healthy Selection Of Snacks

Let’s face it, sugar is one of our main weaknesses in the food space. I personally indulge in candies that make us crave other candies like chocolates etc. Many people find it difficult to say no to candy, and everyone seems to have a favorite. Some people take this indulgence a step further, transforming theirContinue reading “Truly Good Foods: A Healthy Selection Of Snacks”

Glossier: Home Of The Boy Brow, Cloud Paint & More

Glossier provides unique solutions for any woman looking for skincare products. Beautiful skin means discipline, routine, and great care to preserve the cells. This women-owned skin care brand took a life of its own as CEO Emily Weiss leads the company. Glossier: Female-owned Business By Founder Emily Weiss As the founder, Emily saw a newContinue reading “Glossier: Home Of The Boy Brow, Cloud Paint & More”

Emma Hardie | Facial Oil, Cleansing Balm, & Skin Care

Emma Hardie’s skincare is known for taking good care of your skin. Your skin is an essential element for your overall health. In fact, your skin is the largest organ in the body. This is why a thoughtful skincare routine is so important. It takes time and energy to take care of your skin everyContinue reading “Emma Hardie | Facial Oil, Cleansing Balm, & Skin Care”

AYR Clothing (Shirt, Jeans, & Dresses Review)

You might have heard the phrase ‘dress for success, well that’s the whole essence of AYR. Comfortable and soft, AYK clothing does not always mean wearing pajamas ora legging combo. Mix it up with a cute maxi dress or shirt that makes you feel incredible. You will more likely be feeling creative, friendly, and overallContinue reading “AYR Clothing (Shirt, Jeans, & Dresses Review)”

54kibo: A Luxury African Home Décor Brand

54kibo helps revolutionize your home decor and interior design to emulate African Luxury. Designing interior features of a home can make or break the space given. Most of us find ourselves watching home-building shows on HGTV wondering where they get their decor. Traditionally, a loved designer snatches some old pillows and whips the rug, andContinue reading “54kibo: A Luxury African Home Décor Brand”