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Aimee Mann is an experienced American singer and songwriter. Many of her fans enjoy her beautiful vocals, along with her skills in the bass guitar. Aimee Mann is from Richmond, Virginia, and studied music at Berklee College. Aimee has been in the music scene since the 1980s, and she’s now visiting Chicago, IL. 

Aimee Mann’s music has touched many fans and continues to take control of every stage she stands on. Her most recent tour has over ten states spanning Massachusetts, Los Angelos, and Chicago. You can buy tickets to her concert on April 29th – 30th at Old Town School of Folk Music. Jonathan Coulton will accompany Aimee during her music event in Chicago. 

Aimee Mann’s concert tickets are currently $73 and will take place at 4544 N Lincoln Ave. 

Aimee Mann performing live in Chicago, IL

Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann started by releasing albums with ‘Til Tuesday. The talented artist then went solo and dropped her album ‘Whatever’. After notoriety and natural success, Aimee had to opportunity to create a record label named SuperEgo Records. Her sound was here to stay as she brought an acoustic vibrance with classic folk. Her voice is gorgeous, and it’d be a great decision to listen to her perform live. 

Aimee Mann Tour

Aimee Mann is on tour again, traveling across the United States. Watch her upcoming performance in Chicago, IL, on April 30th. Usually hosted in theatres, Aimee Mann’s concerts are very intimate. Enjoy her voice while sitting next to a loved one. Her popularity still ascends her today, and many fans buy out her concerts. For more information on Aimee Mann Tours, visit her website.  

Aimee Mann Tickets

Are you looking for Aimee Mann tickets? Buy now at your local venue, or take a peek at her website. Tickets are on sale for $73 for the Chicago concert. This artist is known for selling out her shows, so it is recommended to purchase tickets as soon as possible. Visit Aimee Mann’s tour page for details on her concerts and tickets. 

Aimee Mann folk singer wearing orange for an interview

Aimee Mann’s New Album

Aimee Mann’s newest album is titled ‘Queens of the Summer Hotel’. This particular music project consists of fragments from a 1993 memoir by Susanna Kaysen. Queens of the Summer Hotel marks the 10th studio album by Aimee Mann. Her tracklist features the following songs:

  • You Fall
  • Robert Lowell and Sylvia Plath
  • Give Me Fifteen
  • At the Frick Museum
  • Home by Now
  • Checks
  • Little Chameleon
  • You Don’t Have the Room
  • Suicide Is Murder
  • You Could Have Been a Roosevelt
  • Burn It Out
  • In Mexico
  • Check
  • You’re Lost
  • I See You

Aimee Mann Songs

Aimee Mann is a fantastic artist that has been around for decades. Her songs speak volumes to millions of listeners. Her most notable songs include “That’s Just What You Are”, “Voices Carry”, and “Save Me”. She’s had much success with her original music as well as collaborations. Check out her songs on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. 

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