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Lots of women have trouble finding the perfect belt for their occasion. There are plenty of different styled belts that the market offers, we’ve taken a look and found ourselves the top products. Read our list of top belts for women in 2022 below. We feature a variety of styles at Led By Woman, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for!

1. JASGOOD Belts

JASGOOD’s western belts hit all the right notes of Class A. These women’s belts are made from genuine leather with zinc alloy buckles.

The belts are built for quality at an affordable price point and is offered in multiple sizes. Suppose you need to customize the size; the belt features leather hole punches that make it easy adjust the fit at home.

JASGOOD Belts pair

JASGOOD creates lovely belts that are well made with a quality Western-style buckle. JASGOOD belts are not thick or heavy for wearing. Wear JASGOOD with lightweight jeans, sturdy enough for heavy all-cotton ones, and sharp enough to look good with skirts or dresses.

2. Leopard Print Belt

A leopard print belt is a versatile addition with neutral tones and patterns that looks pitch-perfect whether you’re going for a traditional look or something edgier in genuine leather with textured calf hair and a brushed gold-tone buckle.

This belt was made, and you may also want to pick up the option with a double o ring buckle. This belt is similar to some I saw for twice the price.

Leopard Print Beltt

This leopard print belt goes with all my brown and black shoes without being too matchy. A customer praised for a leather-free version, and that’s why this vegan leopard belt is made with synthetic hair.

3. Glamorstar Multilayer Chain Waist Belt

Glamorstar multilayer wait chain goes perfect with jeans or a dress. The chain waist belt is an equally versatile alternative to leather. The women’s belt can look edgy, boho or luxe by turn, depending on how you choose to style it. 

The Glamorstar belt is infinitely adjustable by the chain-link waist. Glamorstar has options for gold or silver, depending on what you wear most often. I bought this initially after seeing a gold chain belt in a photo on Pinterest.

Glamorstar Multilayer Chain Waist Belt

Glamorstar belts feel lightweight but were more than reasonable for the price and style. 

4. Taffeta Alley Women’s Leather Belt

If you don’t have money to purchase an original Italian designer belt, this leather belt has a similar look and feel. Taffeta’s fashionable faux leather belt features a nicely heavy burnished metal snake buckle.

A hole punch kit is available in gold, silver, and gunmetal tones. Many women are impressed with the quality of this belt, considering it’s roughly the price of a Panera salad. 

Taffeta Alley Women's Leather Belt

I was skeptical because it’s not genuine leather, but the craftsmanship and the materials are outstanding. 

5. Macoking Belts

This grommet belt by Macoking is a must-have for those who like rock music. Macoking belts are edgy in a way that’s a bit more approachable and versatile than the studded belt you wore in middle school. The grommet style makes it adjustable so that you can wear it on your waist or hips.

It’s made of PU leather with a metal alloy buckle. Macoking also has a grommet belt with a chain for making a statement. Macoking belts are more likable than the picture shows, and it looks, feels, and fits like a much more expensive belt.

Macoking Belt

A reviewer praised shoppers even like the nice velvet bag it came packaged in. Many women liked it so much that they planned to repurpose it. 

6. Raymis Alpaca Wool Belt

The Raymis Alpaca wool belt is a ball embroidered belt that is fair trade and eco-friendly. The strap is woven from pure alpaca wool and features saturated colors with bright floral embroidery. Although it’s hard to see in the right of color, there are small metal grommets to keep it perfectly fit with a panel ring buckle. 

Raymis Alpaca Wool Belt

Raymis belts are handmade by artisans in South America. No two belts are exactly alike, and they are gorgeous! And as someone who has one macro picture, Raymis are authentic Peruvian pieces of work and look similar to the one purchased from Orientate Tambo.

7. Cinlan Rope Braid Belt

The Cinlan Rope Braided belt is laidback yet impossibly stylish. This braided belt exudes vacation casual. Cinlan belts are made from tightly woven rope with a wood tone buckle, and the right is just finished in faux leather for a look that reads luxe naturally.

One woman even used her braid belt as a hatband! Although you might find the belt loosening up slightly throughout the day, it still looks incredibly stylish. Wear your rope braid belt with everything from jeans and a chunky sweater to a floaty sundress.

Cinlan Rope Braid Belt

There are even options for gray and beaded versions within the duplicate listing. 

8. Whippy Rhinestone Belt

Wear the Whippy Crystal Belt with a Green Jacket to look fabulous! The Whippy rhinestone belt was made to call attention to itself. The metal alloy casing is offered in gold or silver finishes with a bold geometric buckle.

Since there are no traditional belts, the prong slips between rhinestones. Instead, it’s super adjustable, and you can wear it on your waist or hips. Pair the Whippy Rhinestone belt with jeans and a blazer or your slinky dress. Be careful because the rhinestones can snag on some fabrics.

Whippy Rhinestone Belt

This belt is an accessory that will complete any outfit. If you are interested in sparkle, you might also consider this handmade rhinestone belt for your maxi dresses for a more formal occasion. It’s high quality and shockingly affordable, with great reviews. 

10. Insighter Leather Belts

Insider belts are leather belts you need to channel your inner Miranda Priestly. This devastatingly sophisticated dress belt oozes authority and dresses up everything from power suits to jeans for that suddenly luxe designer look. The belt is made from a thick strip of genuine leather with a zinc alloy buckle that features a vacuum-plated gold-tone finish to resist tarnishing.

Insighter Leather

You’ll also get a leather hole punch kit to adjust the fit as needed. The look is very high-end, and the price is so low I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Another good option is this faux leather modern dress belt from Tampa vibe with contrasting brushed satin and high shine buckle.

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