Best Driving Sunglasses For Women

best driving sunglasses for women in 2022

Looking for a nice pair of sunglasses to cut that glare on the drive home? We’ve got you covered with the top women’s driving sunglasses of the year. 

Carefully selected by our team, we’ve instructed them to look for the best sunglasses for driving specifically. A few things we need to consider when it comes to driving sunglasses is their fit. You want something that’s going to stay in place, so you’re not having to adjust and be distracted by your glasses while you’re driving.

When selecting driving sunglasses, you want something so comfortable that you want to forget you’re wearing them. Another factor that contributes to a good pair of driving sunglasses is coverage. An ideal driving sunglasses block sunlight and that harsh glare that gets reflected into your eyes.

You also want to make sure driving sunglasses are the right lens color. Lens color can help boost contrast in your environment, especially a copper-based lens.

When it comes to great quality driving sunglasses, polarization is key. Polarized sunglasses cut glare. So again, when you get that reflective glare coming off of shiny surfaces like other cars, polarization will be your best friend.

Oakley – Split Time

Oakley’s Split Time sunglasses feature that classic aviator design. These driving sunglasses give you a large wide window field of vision. The Oakleys sunglasses can be equipped with PRIZM polarized lenses as 

Oakley Split Time driving sunglasses

It gives you that nice big, wide window field of vision. The PRIZM lenses fight off glares and can even enhance color contrast. PRIZM technology does a great job of fine-tuning the colors that you’re viewing.

The cool thing about Oakley’s Split Time frame is its design. The sunglasses are designed to be compatible, so it’s not competing with your hat and your glasses. The frame width of Oakley’s Split Time sunglasses measures 132mm, so that’s about a medium fit. 

Maui Jim – Mavericks

If you’re going to get a polarized lens, you can’t go wrong with the Maui Jim’s Mavericks. These sunglasses are Maui Jim’s classic aviator style. The driving sunglasses feature an adjustable nose pad inside.

In addition, the frame and lens material on the Maui Jim Mavericks is saltwater-safe sunglasses. This is perfect for those who like to go boating, and you won’t have to worry about your sunglasses corroding. 

Maui Jim Mavericks driving sunglasses

The frame width measurement on the Maui Jim Mavericks is 136mm, which fits large. 

Ray Ban – RB3136 Caravan

The Ray Ban RB3136 Caravan is a square aviator design, making its appearance different from our previous sunglasses. It comes with adjustable nose pads, which make it easier to lift those glasses off of your cheeks. You also have the Ray Ban iconic logo in the upper corner of the lens.

You may also get the Ray Ban lenses as prescriptions. The sunglasses really emulate an excellent classic design, and you can’t go wrong with the Ray-Ban square aviator frame.

Ray Ban RB3136 Caravan driving sunglasses

The frame width for the Ray Ban RB3136 Caravan sunglasses is 136mm, which is a large fit.

Maui Jim – Starfish

We can’t talk driving sunglasses without talking about Maui Jim, because of their unique PolarizedPlus2 Lens technology, which is impressive for driving. Maui Jim Starfish features a squared-off caddy shape. I appreciate the very tall lens in the big, wide surface area of the view through the lens, so you get excellent coverage. 

MAUI JIM STARFISH driving sunglasses

Maui Jim Starwish also has some spring hinges in this frame, which helps snapback. You can also get rubberized nose pads that’ll serve as anti-slip. The frame width on Maui Jim Starfish sunglasses is 135 mm. 

SportRX – KODA

SportRX KODA sunglasses are made out of an eco-friendly, plant-based resin. The sunglasses are squared, rectangular, and look like a silhouette. You’ve got grip on the inside of the nose as well as on the inside of the temple.

SportRX Koda driving sunglasses

Many women customers call the KODA a functional frame, and it is available in a plethora of lens coatings options. This SportRX sunglasses feature gradient mirrored polar transitions and are prescription friendly. The frame width measurement of SportRX KODA is 136 mm.

Costa – Panga

Costa’s Panga sunglasses feel like a West Coast vibe with its flatlands and the squared-off design. Panga comes with rubber nose pads on the inside of the frame and temple tips.

And Costa always throws their branding into the design, even the littlest of details. The sunglasses come complete with lens technology which helps combat glare while driving.

Costa Panga driving sunglasses

The Costa Panga sunglasses are polarized and come with contrast-enhancing technology. You can also get it in prescription, and the frame width on these pairs of sunglasses is 137mm. 

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