Best Gifts for Women in 2022

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Gifting ideas for your special women can be a daunting task. Women are known to have particular tastes when it comes to gifts. Whether you’re gifting a girlfriend, sister, mom, or coworker, we curated a list for you. You may find these women-friendly items at your local department store or Amazon.¬†

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is king when it comes to gifts for women. Ever notice your partner’s slow down as they walk past the jewelry shop window? You should know she would probably love to see those earrings or necklaces as a holiday surprise if the answer is yes.

The truth is that jewelry is almost always a safe bet when shopping for a woman. Just remember to consider their style, and if you’re unsure what that style is? Go for a simple classic look. Classic looks consist of designs and shapes. Perhaps a set of gold hoop earrings that are timeless and can also be paired with any outfit.

Jewelry box featuring necklaces and earrings

And if simple isn’t your style, use her existing jewelry pieces as inspiration for new custom designs. You’ll get points for the extra effort and planning.

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards can save you a lot of time while satisfying any need for your women. If you’re at a loss for getting her a gift and don’t want to mess it up, you can always purchase a gift card. The gift card must be to one of her favorite shops.

Gift cards would aid your woman in making that buying decision on a designer purse that she’s been eyeing for months! She’ll be able to pull the buying trigger on something she really wants and lovingly think of you every time she wears them.

Gift cards for women

3. Fragrances

Signature fragrances are an excellent addition to any women’s collection. Using a specific fragrance is about much more than just smelling good. It completes our outfits and moods and gives us a certain spark or confidence boost before leaving the house.

You can’t go wrong by gifting her a fresh bottle of an old favorite, or if you know her well enough, you could even buy her a small bottle of something new that you think she’ll love.

fragrances for women perfume

4. Purses & Handbags

Purses and handbags continue to dominate wish lists on Christmas. Collection handbags aren’t just a piece to store your essentials in. Purses and handbags are like pieces of art. The older they are, the more their value grows over time, especially any kind of limited edition bag.

An example would be the Chanel Classic Flap Handbag, which sold in 1955 for $250, and in 2021, the bag sold for $8000. We’ll call that a pretty good investment.

5. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle became popular a few years ago, and ever since, readers have been increasing daily use. Whatever you might think about the Kindle, it truly makes our lives a lot easier. If she’s a woman who travels a lot, getting her a Kindle will be a great hit.

From now on, she’ll have access to her favorite documents and books straight away with just a few clicks. You also won’t have to worry about bookmarks anymore. If your girl is a bookworm, a Kindle is always a great choice.

Amazon Kindle in a library held by a man

6. Self-Care

Self-Care products are great to show appreciation and love towards your women. Some days are good, but we don’t feel our best selves on other days. And on those days, supporting us with self-care gifts is a real winner. Some candles and aromatherapy with relaxing scents will make us happier than ever.

It might sound simple, but sometimes we just need to ease our minds, and these kinds of offerings make those days a lot easier.

self care by sitting cross legged with candles

7. Pajamas

Gifting a pair of pajamas might sound crazy, but a pair of satin or silk pajamas can make an enormous difference to a person’s night.

These kinds of pajamas are more about the luxurious feeling we get when we slip into silk or satin sleepwear. We won’t knock the cozy fleece stuff or even an oversize tee from your partner’s collection. Still, after indulging in a hot bath and an entire skincare routine, the feeling of luxury pajamas is an experience.

woman wearing pajamas while jumping on a bed

8. Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums are taking the masses by storm with their innovative technology. Working from home makes separating our personal and professional lives a lot harder. Finding that balance between sending emails, cleaning the house, and taking a hot bath can significantly struggle.

If someone’s already come to mind and you secretly wish to make their life a lot easier, get a robot vacuum. It’s like the gift of more free time and cleaner floors rolled into one.

Robot vacuum inside a home with a woman sitting nearby

9. Getaways

Women genuinely enjoy a getaway with our significant other because it gives us time to spend with them while exploring amazing places together. These kinds of gifts are the ones that women remember forever, and sharing experiences and making memories together is arguably far better than any physical item you could offer.

But if you choose this route, keep in mind what she values in a trip. If your girl hates the cold and snow, skip a skiing vacation and opt for a beach resort in Hawaii. She’s probably already told you her dream vacation destinations, and if not, there is no shame in asking!

beautiful scenery with patio chairs on a lake

10. Designer Clothes & Accessories

It’s no surprise that designer clothes and accessories continue to increase the market share in gifts. Some women spend eternity putting their outfits together, and some just throw on a hoodie and some jeans and go out to conquer the world.

No matter the type of woman she is, we guarantee she’ll love her designer top or a statement scarf. It’s about quality of product and appearance, and these items can elevate any outfit, even jeans and a hoodie.

designer clothes and accessories

11. Pasta Machine

Pasta machines are not outdated and are making a comeback. Here’s to that friend who always throws up the best dinner parties with homemade food. Every woman who likes to cook and loves using the best ingredients secretly wants a pasta machine because it’s just one more way she can make you a simple feast from scratch.

A pasta machine is among the helpful kitchen tools for any home cook. From the second they’re set up, they’re free to experiment with new recipes without having to spend so much time kneading and rolling by hand.

pasta machine being used by a woman

12. Yoga Mat

A yoga mat having one around is such a blessing, especially after a few hours spent at the desk when you need to stretch yourself. Some days women just feel like moving and stretching from the comfort of their homes. A yoga mat is perfect for both workout fanatics and beginners alike, so don’t hesitate to gift her one, especially if you know she likes to exercise.

yoga mat featuring a woman looking at a window

13. Flower Arrangements

While flower arrangements might seem a little clich√©, most women love being surprised by gorgeous flower arrangements. Flowers make women’s days better, and they will feel appreciated and loved, not to mention the boost it gives to home decor.

Of course, though, you need to pay attention to her favorite flowers and colors, but we’re sure she’d remind you for next time if you didn’t get it quite right. The thoughtful surprise itself will be more than enough, we’re sure.

flower arrangements on a table featuring roses and fabric

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