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One of the important things that everyone needs in their closet is a nice pair of black leggings. And this is also one of the hardest things to find, and you may not want to drop $100 on a couple of lululemon.

You may pick up a cheap pair of 20 dollar leggings at Nordstrom Rack, and then it turns out to be super sheer. Maybe it had an unflattering waistband, but in this article we’re going to give you trustable recommendations.

1. Colorfulkoala Buttery Soft Leggings 

Colorfulkoala black leggings are good for going to class, everyday life, gym, yoga, and maybe even going out on the town. Many dancers chose this brand as their go-to when it comes to leggings. The great thing about Colorfulkoala is their price; the Butter Soft leggings are currently $23.

ColorfulKoala has a website and is selling on Amazon. The buttery soft leggings are the cheapest, and they have a slick exterior with a brushed interior.

Colorfulkoala Buttery Soft Leggings 

Butter Soft leggings also have a good amount of stretch to them. 

The leggings offer a great classic look because they have no logo anywhere. Sometimes if you’re trying to be discreet about the fact that you’re wearing leggings, you don’t want a logo on the back. 

Colorfulkoala fans are also keen to their material. The leggings do not collect any lint! These also have a seamless waistband, so they’re not going to give you any muffin top. They have an extended Gosset crotch, which helps you feel comfortable.

2. Colorfulkoala High Waisted Brushed Leggings

The Colorfulkoala high-waisted brushed leggings are made of the same material as their partner leggings. These leggings hug your body nicely, and they’re a little more impressive than the buttery soft leggings.

They’ve also brushed all around, but they’re super thick and opaque. Colorfulkoala leggings are $26, and they feel like they should be like $70. These also have a seamless waistband and extended gusset crotch, and they’re full length on me, and I’m 59, so they are full length.

Colorfulkoala High Waisted Brushed Leggings for women

The brushed leggings collect a little more than the buttery soft leggings because they are more of a brush material. Many users report having no issue with Pilling.

The Colorfulkoala High Waisted Brushed Leggings are good for the gym and suitable for everyday life because of their thickness. The leggings also hide more cellulite while offering more compression.

Colorfulkoala High Waisted Brushed Leggings are still medium to high on the booty scale. The booty seams are flattering and go above the top. This legging is rated as the most solid basic look.

3. Buffbunny Rosa Leggings

Buffbunny Rosa Leggings are the best leggings for showing your butt. Making a boot video with these leggings will guarantee you hits and likes on social media. They’re high on the booty scale, and they’re a little more expensive. The Buffbunny Rosa Leggings are $64, but they are high quality and flattering.

The material is similar to Lululemon, but it has a little more holding compression to it. If you’re looking for a legging that’s fodder your booty but also holds you, then this is the leggings for you.

Buffbunny Rosa Leggings for women

The Buffbunny Rosa Leggings also have a seamless waistband in the body. Seams go above the butt and have a regular Gosset crotch, not an extended crotch. They’re also a full length and are a go-to performance legging for me. 

And even though they’re super soft and brush no paddling going on, these collect lint a little bit less than the Colorfulkoala leggings. 

4. Jed North Luminous Leggings

Jed North Luminous Leggings are popular among the outgoing scene. If you’re looking for a leather-look legging, try this one. The legging offers a bit more shine and is comfortable to wear.

The Jed North leggings do not have a seam at the top, so you won’t have any issues with the muffin top.

Jed North Luminous Leggings for women

The seams go above your butt as well, and there’s no issue with camel toe. The Jed North Luminous Leggings are full-length and offer a solid medium compression, so they hold you in. These are $40, but Jed North almost always has 20 to 40% off sales. 

5. Lele Dunes X Leggings

Lele Dunes X Leggings are unique for many customers. Often with black leggings, they get a little stiff. But the Lele Dunes X Leggings are incredibly stretchy. These leggings are perfect if the woman is looking for a super-lightweight, light-compression structure.

Lately, fashion boutique leggings may not be entirely squat proof, so that’s why I feel like they’re not part of my top five. I do think these are cute for every day. I especially think they’re great with a grungy T-shirt. 

Lele Dunes X Leggings for women

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