Best Watches for Women in 2022

Watches are an excellent investment for women of all ages. This list of top watches is desired by women looking into buying, owning, and investing in their first timepiece. Having a beautiful watch might inspire you to look into other brands to expand your collection. While this may seem overwhelming at first, you’ll quickly learn some top recommendations for watches below.

The watches featured in this article are affordable and accessible. This is how we can guarantee you’ll find a local place that sells these watches.

G-Shock Watches

The iconic G-Shock is a classic for women as they grew up idolizing the watch. This brand continues to stand the test of time as they stay relevant for many females. One of G-Shock’s most notable features is its durability. 

The watch is advertised as unbreakable on their website. This proves that G-Shock is a dependable watch, and it’s surprising that it can be affordable. You can find a timepiece for just a few hundred dollars.

G-Shock cases are rectangular and round so that you can choose your favorite. For accurate sizing, make sure you visit a store to see how it fits on your wrist. 

G-Shock Womens watch gold worn by a model

G-Shock Pricing

G-Shocks are in the more affordable price range. You can even find them on sale for just under $100 online. Some G-Shocks have watches with rubberized straps. These watches will cost less versus the ones that are all metal. 

While that may be a factor for pricing, you really can’t go wrong with the G-Shock. 


Casio is super dependable, durable, and strong. The Casio watch is also known for its shock-resistant capabilities. It can handle a lot of force, abrasion, and tears, making Casio watches another dependable option. 

Casio Womens watch gold worn by a model

Longines Watches

Longines watches are a great brand with a unique history and quality products. Longines are considered mid-tier watches by many, but it proves affordable. 

Their quality look and texture make them wanted by many collectors. Longines features a large team of brand ambassadors that many fans enjoy. One ambassador for Longines is Andre Agassi.

So the ones that I pulled up that I think are great in showcases for women are the conquest. I think it’s a great starting point. Keep in mind that there are dwarfed and automatic versions where if you get the whole box model, it is cheaper. The 41-millimeter version of the quartz model would be $750 versus that same conquest in the automatic model.

Longines Womens watch gold worn by a model


TUDOR watches are a luxury collection of classic and sporty timepieces. One of their most popular watches is called Tudor Black Bay 50. Now, if you don’t know about Tudor, Tudor is actually considered the sister company of Rolex. 

TUDOR was started back in 1926 by the founder, Hans Wilsdorf. He was also one of the stars of Rolex, but he saw that Rolex was getting too expensive. TUDOR was created as an economical alternative for Rolex, and its popularity grew exceptionally. Esthetically the watch and its exterior look very similar to Rolexes. Specifically, their diver watches look alike and are greatly desired.

TUDOR is a fantastic brand with its own story and movement. I think TUDOR Black Bear 58 is one of the best-looking watches. TUDOR has excellent technology, branding, marketing, and quality. One of the Black Bear 58s is in a blue bezel and a blue dial. It’s stainless steel at 39 mm. And you guys, you can’t look at the swatch and say, it’s not beautiful. It is so, so beautiful.

TUDOR’s 39 mm stainless steel features a sporty look that captures eyes. This watch may even pop with certain skin tones; that’s why it’s a must-have for any woman. 

Tudor Womens watch gold worn by a model

Jaeger-LeCoultre (JLK) Watches

JLC as a brand is well known and respected because of its watchmakers. 

Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are reversible, which is an iconic touch. I believe it is the first, if not the only watch to do the flippable, reversible effect.

No other watches feature a different face on each side. Also, if you flip it over, you have the option of engraving. My favorite JLK watch is the Reverso Classic Medium. The watch is stainless steel and retails for $5,700. 

Reverso Classic comes in different finishes, sizes, and strap options. These factors will alter the price, and regardless, I think it’s an exquisite look that many women will love and appreciate.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Womens watch gold worn by a model


Omega watches are one of the most sought out timepieces for investors. Historically, Omega has been involved with the Olympics and more. Another important feature is their technology, and their coaxial development proves more accurate than competitors like Rolex. Now, historically, Omega also has many stories. 

Not only were Omega watches involved with spaceships, but they were named the official timekeeper for the Olympics many times. I think Omega watches are an excellent option for women to start purchasing. A great choice is the Aqua Terra 38 millimeter. The Aqua Terra watch is comfortable and retails at $5,700. 

I recommend the Seamaster watch for women over the Speedmaster because Speedmasters tend to be bigger in size. Seamasters are also more affordable, but I need both as a watch fan! 

My first Seamaster watch was the white Planet Ocean 600M. The leather strap on this watch is elegant, and the dial has golden accents. This line launched in 2005 and still plays a significant part in today’s brand.

Omega Womens watch gold worn by a model

Grand Seiko

Everyone loves Grand Seiko because of its unique collections. Watch connoisseurs tell you that Grand Seiko is one of the top foreign brands. Grand Seiko is a Japanese watch brand known for its technology involving Spring Drive mechanisms. 

The Spring Drive combines the lasting motor force of a mechanical watch with the high accuracy of a quartz watch. You get to experience the best of both worlds with this mechanism. 

Grand Seiko is incomparable when it comes to dials. Grand Seiko dials are honestly among the most beautiful detailed dials out there. One of the most popular watches by Grand Seiko is the snowflake. The snowflake retails for $5,800 and is super lightweight. 

Grand Seiko Womens watch gold worn by a model


Cartier watches are expensive and luxurious. Simply put, Cartier is a classic, beautiful, iconic piece. Historically, Cartier created the first wristwatch in 1984. Alberto Santos asked Louis Cartier to make and create him the first wristwatch to tell time while flying. And then came the Santos de Cartier.

Many high-end fashion companies try their take on watches but fail to impress. On the other hand, Cartier does a great job with their watches; thus, they are respected and loved. Women in fashion love to wear this watch, and I think it’s worth the exposure. 

Some describe Cartier watches as vintage and classy, which may be partly due to their roman numerals. The watches can be used for any gender, and my favorite is the medium model with yellow gold alongside stainless steel. Of course, it comes in other finishes and sizes with stainless steel, which is your cheaper option versus all gold. 

The all stainless steel mini model retails for $6,500. The medium model gets perfect on my wrists. Keep in mind that watches do fit and look different from round watches. I find that they tend to be bigger because there’s less wiggle room when it comes to square watches, so the medium model for me fits perfectly. 

Cartier Womens watch gold worn by a model

Best Watches for Women Conclusion

In this article you have our top recommendations for women watches. If you’re looking for a great investment that’ll increase in value, you may choose the selected brands in the previous sections. Is there a womens watch you’re in love with and it was not featured on this list? Comment below and we’ll shout you out on Instagram!

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