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Check out our best winter jackets for cold weather. Here’s a list you must see. We made this list based on users’ personal preferences and sorted it based on various factors, including the manufacturers’ prices, quality, durability, and customer feedback.

1. Women’s Peak to Park by Columbia

Columbia Women’s Peak To Park is an insulated winter jacket. You don’t have to spend much money to stay warm in the winter with this gear. Columbia Women’s Peak To Park jacket is an affordable coat for cold weather, and it’s under $200. the Peak to Park Jacket is water-resistant, which will help keep you dry. The mid-length design helps contain body heat, and you can remove the hood with its adjustable feature.

Women's Peak to Park by Columbia jacket

The Peak to Park jacket fits great, is super warm, has a hood, and is removable. The jacket’s sleeves have an inner cuff, so it doesn’t look like I’m playing dress-up in my mom’s clothes, even with my short arms.

2. Columbia Autumn Park Down Jacket

If you’re a woman who prefers shorter coats, then the Columbia Autumn Park Down jacket is the one for you. This winter jacket features 650 full power down insulation and a reflective shell to keep you warm even during the coldest of times. 

Nothing is worse than feeling a chillwave into your coat; that’s why this coat comes with bound cuffs to prevent air leakage. The Autumn Park Down jacket is one of the warmest winter coats. 

Columbia Autumn Park Down Jacket

Autumn Park Down Jacket features a fuzzy hood and high neck that are a delight to wear when it’s windy. The elastic cuffs at the wrist look great with the hoodie layered underneath and the cuffs popping out.

3. Trillium Parka by Canada Goose 

Trillium Parka by Canada Goose can warm you up when the temperature reaches 13 degrees. Leave the puffy coats at home and enjoy the cinched waist designed for a slimming effect. Canada Goose coats are a significant investment but are entirely worth it for their durability and long-lasting materials.

This coat from Canada Goose comes in eleven different colors, ranging from a simple black to a bold red wig in very harsh winters with temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius plus wind chill. And this parkin is an excellent job of keeping me warm.

Trillium Parka by Canada Goose jacket

It is more of a snug fit if you like to wear bulky sweaters or layer up, but otherwise, it’s the perfect fit, and I wouldn’t recommend going up a size. My favorite feature is the pockets because they are lined up.

The bottom two pockets are enormous, so you can fit your meds in there, which is very handy. I highly recommend this winter jacket if you live in areas with temperatures below ten degrees. 

4. Eddie Bauer Women’s Sun Valley Down Parka

The Eddie Bauer Women’s Sun Valley Down Parka has been one of the brand’s bestsellers for more than a decade. This winter parka will keep you nice and warm.

Being insulated with 650 fill Premium Down makes the parka extra warm. The parka’s polyester shell will also keep you protected from the elements as it has a water repellent finish to make sure water doesn’t soak into the fabric.

Other features that this parka offers include a removable hood with detachable faux fur, a rough front zipper with a solid flap to block out the wind, and a fleece-lined collar. Eddie Bauer’s Parka rectangle quilting design gives a stylish look and helps to remove bulk without removing warmth.

Eddie Bauer Women's Sun Valley Down Parka jacket

The Eddie Bauer Sun Valley Down jacket also has pockets and is machine washable, making it easy to keep clean. This Eddie Bauer jacket comes to wear in the mid-thigh area and has a classic fit style, so it’s not too slim or relaxed on the body.

The Sun Valley Down Parka also comes in a wide range of funky colors to aim comes highly recommended by many happy customers. 

5. Eddie Bauer’s Women Lodge Down Duffle Coat

Eddie Bauer’s Women Lodge Down Duffle Coat is perfect if you need a longer coat to keep your legs warm. This Eddie Bauer coat comes down past the knees and has a two-way zipper so you can make adjustments to the neck and knees as necessary. The Lodge Down Duffle coat contains all the great features of the parka above, including being insulated with 650 faux premium down, which means they’re responsible down standard removable.

Eddie Bauer's Women Lodge Down Duffle jacket

This lodge-down duffle jacket is also coated with a durable water repellent to keep you dry. It also features two exterior pockets and one interior pocket. The coat is a classic fit and is designed to fit over middle layers to stay warm despite the freezing temperatures. 

6 . Columbia Women’s Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket

Columbia Women’s Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket is designed for those who prefer a jacket insulated with synthetic down. The long hooded jacket has a polyester shell fleece lining and is completely insulated with 100% synthetic down. It also features reflective heat technology in the lining, reflecting your body heat. Thus the jacket keeps you dry and warm without unnecessary bulk.

Columbia Women's Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket

The jacket has a water-resistant shower, as well as comfort cuffs with dumbbells to keep your hands warm. Other handy features of Columbia’s Heavenly long hooded jacket include interior pockets, zippered exterior pockets, and a two-way zipper. This mid-length jacket comes in a range of great colors and, given its lightweight, would be a great option to keep you warm every day. 

7. ADOMI Women’s Long Hooded Thickened Down Coat

This gorgeous ladies’ full-length puffer style coat by ADOMI will not only keep you toasty but will also have you looking stylish during sightseeing adventures.

This long hooded down coat comes down past your knees and has a polyester shell nylon lining insulated with a blend of both down and feathers. ADOMI down coat is water-resistant, offers protection from the wind, and includes a hood with a raft of faux fur elastic cuffs.

ADOMI Women's Long Hooded Thickened Down Coat

ADOMI coats are styled with a rectangle quilting feature, which helps to remove bulk without removing warmth coming in army green, black, or coffee color. ADOMI thickened down coat is a super warm, stylish garment with a great price and is highly recommended by many happy customers.

9. Legendary Whitetails Women’s Polar Trail Pro Series Winter Jacket

The Legendary Whitetails Polar Trail Pro Series Winter jacket is perfect for women who like a sportier look when participating in winter activities. The Legendary Whitetails winter jacket has a nylon polyester blend, shell polyester lining, and polyester insulated. The winter jacket comes with a removable and adjustable hood, adjustable cuffs with dumbbells, and is water-resistant. The drop pack is excellent for extra warmth, and the slightly fitted waist helps provide a friendly, flattering line.

Legendary Whitetails Women's Polar Trail Pro Series Winter Jacket

Other handy features of this Legendary Whitetails jacket are zippered undergarments, six pockets, both interior and exterior, and machine washable. Legendary Whitetails Women’s Polar Trail Pro Series jacket comes in three different colors black, gray, and hot pink, and is excellent for the girl who loves adventurous winter activities such as ice fishing, snowmobiling, or when you’re hiking.

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