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Female tattoo artists have a unique history in major cities like Chicago. Their styles are shown across social media platforms like Instagram and have become popular. Finding female tattoo artists can be difficult if you don’t have any referrals. Luckily, our guide will assist you in finding the perfect person to do a piece. 

Female tattoo artists are more common than people think. Find your favorite design on platforms like Pinterest so that you can show the person. Some of the recent famous female tattoo artists are Stephanie Brown, Esther Garcia, Cloey Zikmund, Jennifer Trok, and Carolyn Elaine. 

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Best Female Tattoo Artists

Maud Wagner is considered one of the first female tattoo artists that started working in 1904. Interestingly, these talented individuals can work on tattooing for a long time. Born in 1917, Whang-od is still a working tattoo artist specializing in the Kalinga style. Nowadays, TV Shows like Ink Master showcases very talented female tattoo artists like Rose Hardy. You can find more information on the best female tattoo artists below. 

All Female Tattoo Shop 

If you’re looking for an all-female tattoo shop in Elgin, visit Alchemy’s Gallery. The women-owned business is a private studio that provides professional services. Find the perfect female tattoo artist that’ll do the designs you want in Elgin, IL. For more information on Alchemy Tattoo & Gallery, visit them at 107 E Highland Ave.

5 Star Tattoo Shops Near Me

Depending on your location, you can find 5-star tattoo shops on Google. If you’re in the windy city, check out Stephanie Brown’s work on Instagram for a beautiful tattoo. Some top studios in Chicago include Good Omen Tattoo, Metamorph Tattoo Studios, and Deluxe Tattoo. You can view more about the ratings of these shops on Yelp and more. 

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Female Tattoo Artists MN

There are plenty of female tattoo artists near Minneapolis, MN. The state has some of the USA’s most famous women working with ink. Also, the Jackalope Tattoo features an all-female staff and non-binary artists. They specialize in custom designs when it comes to ink tattooing. Find other female tattoo artists in Minnesota by searing on Yelp. 

Female Tattoo Artists Salt Lake City

Search for female tattoo artists in Salt Lake City, Utah, for a premium ink design. Women-owned tattoo shops like the Fallen Angel Tattoos and SLC Ink Tattoo. Also, both of these businesses operate under sanitized circumstances. Get your next tattoo with these talented female artists in Salt Lake City. 

Female Tattoo Artists in Jacksonville, FL

It’s not hard to discover female tattoo artists in Jacksonville, Florida. Some of the nearby tattoo shops women own are Black Hive Tattoo, Peacock’s Tattoo, and Fat Kat Tattoo & Body Piercing. Look at their work on their social media platforms for more pictures. Another female-owned tattoo shop in Jacksonville, Florida, is named “Queen Tattoo.” The tattoo shop is located at 636 3rd St, Jacksonville Beach, FL, to find directions. You may also call the business at 904-760-0247.

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