Hats for Women in 2022

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The best hats for women are featured on our top recommendations list. We made this list based on personal preference and sorted it based on the manufacturers’ features, prices, quality, durability, reputation, and feedback. We’ve included a variety of options for every type of customer. 

1. Wide Brim Panama Hats

Wide brim Panama hats are increasingly becoming popular in the US. We found ourselves always reaching for the islands, and wide-brimmed Panama hats became essential for travel.

We love the fit and style of wide-brim hats. They are suitable for a head diameter of 7.75 inches or less. The area architecture will keep your head cold during the warmest days of summer and stay on when a big breeze kicks up. The wide-brim Panama hats can roll up and back away without getting crunched or deformed.

Wide Brim Panama Hat

The Panama hat receives top accolades for its excellent performance across the board. Unfortunately, this may not be right for you if you are gifted with a large head. The wide-brim hat maxes out at a 7.75-inch diameter, typically a medium.

It also doesn’t have any attached land yards or a removable ribbon. If a cute design that will function for any casual affair is what you see, this hat is one of our top recommendations.

2. Wide Brim Foldable Bucket Hat 

The foldable wide brim bucket hat is for women that love to hike and explore the outdoors. This bucket hat features a solid build with a large four-inch frame that can be folded upfront or folded down. The top of it uses a multilayer breathable mesh that provides excellent ventilation and protection from larger bugs like mosquitoes.

Wide brim bucket hats are lightweight and designed to dry out quickly, so don’t be afraid to jump in the water with the bucket hat. It is also selling for low prices, making it our favorite deal. While this is an excellent outdoor choice, the style is a bit too dorky for some to wear around town.

Wide Brim Foldable Bucket Hat

You can get away wearing this hat in a mountain or beach town, but it may stand out in the city. It’s also suitable for small to medium hands best as the adjustability ranges in large and limited. Finally, while the foldable bucket hat offers bump protection, there’s a hole in the back for ponytails.

3. Performance Caps

Performance Caps are a top choice for their lightweight construction that’ll hold water to keep your head cool. Many women own performance caps for running and notice that most baseball-style options will dry out after 20 minutes of running in hot weather. However, the polyester construction used in this hat manages to hold water longer, lasting up to one hour on a hot run.

Performance Cap

The unisex sizing for performance caps is versatile, and they’ll pack away easily without a wrinkle. We also appreciate the cap’s full-back design, no mesh, which keeps most faces and chins protected from the sun. Though the hat isn’t very stylish, limiting its versatility after a run. Performance caps tend to get dirty after wearing them in specific settings.

2. Summer Foldable Straw Sun Visor Hat

The summer foldable straw sun visor hat is evident for many women. The top of the sun visor hat is open to provide excellent breathability while allowing women to wear their hair up.

The Velcro inside the visor makes it easy to pull on with adjustability. The straw sun visor hat looks pretty cute and is an excellent option for the beach or sunny public places. The visor will protect your face, neck, and upper shoulders. Plus, it can be worn underneath a helmet if you happen to love to ride horses. Roll up the visor and pack it away without worrying about crushing it.

Summer Foldable Straw Sun Visor Hat

It is pretty floppy, so the brim limits peripheral vision, which was a bit bothersome for some of our testers. As a result, we wouldn’t recommend the hat for hiking or walking around crowded areas. Watch for the bow in the back because it will fry out over time.

3. Wide Brim Sun Hat

The wide brim sun hat features a super cute and simple, stylish flair that can be paired with your favorite white summer dress. Sun hats can also wear these hats with hiking boots, and the removable lanyard helps keep it secure even when battling the summer conditions at the beach or in the mountains.

It features a wide brim three inches that protect the face and neck but isn’t large enough to shade the shoulders. Unfortunately, it is expensive, while the adjustable velcro system allows for about half an inch of flexibility. 

Wide Brim Sun Hat

While it won’t fit larger heads well, it does offer some level of breathability. Many women take the sun hat off as the collar up around the circumference gets sweaty. When temperatures rise, you seek a fashionable choice, which is why the wide brim sun hat is good in windy conditions.

4. 100% Cotton Bucket Hat

The hat depot unisex 100% cotton bucket is a cute and straightforward contender with a low price. This bucket hat does the trick if you need a little sun protection and fun color options. Wear the 100% cotton bucket hat out with friends, camping, hiking, and even rafting. Cotton bucket hats are a lightweight design that can be worn all day while providing a little protection for rain.

100% Cotton Bucket Hat

The cotton bucket hat doesn’t provide much sun protection if you accidentally forget your sunglasses. You’ll find yourself squinting as the cotton bucket hat doesn’t give you the shade you expected. If you like the pretty bucket style, this low-price hat is a high-value option that won’t empty your wallet.

5. Distressed Denim Hat 

Distressed cotton denim hats look great with ponytails. This particular hat is a distressed-style baseball cap with a unique hole for a high ponytail or bond.

A distressed denim hat looks cute and features a full mesh back that offers ventilation. Distressed denim hats have a wide range of adjustability for head diameter, so it is one-size-fits-all. Wearing distressed denim hats becomes versatile. Wear it while hiking, running, or walking with a beer at the bar.

Distressed Denim Hat

The price of distressed denim hats is reasonable, too. While many like its distressed look, others aren’t too fond of it. While the mesh packing offers ventilation, the thickened front accumulates sweat and fails to bend. As a result, it’s not that breathable. 

Finally, the fit feels shallow while keeping your ears from folding down. Distressed denim hats are hard to feel secure as they fit so high. If you wear a ponytail, this hat is one to consider.

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