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Nike Blazers became one of the top-selling shoes for women in 2022. The sneakers were the first Nike shoes to be featured in the NBA. The word ‘Blazer’ came from the Portland Trail Blazers basketball team. Nike Blazers are popular among women because of their leather, rubber, and nylon. 

Women love wearing Nike Blazers for casual occasions. Although the shoe was meant for playing basketball, many fans started purchasing them to wear daily. Nike Blazers for women were released with more designs, collaborations, and colors. It was recommended to buy a size up if you have wide feet. 

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Nike Blazers Women Pink

You can find Nike Blazers in pink for women at your local retailer or online. Visit a Nike store or Finish Line at the mall for different colorways and designs. Try a Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage for a classic look. Another popular women’s shoe is the Nike Blazer Low ’77 Jumbo. Take in other shoes that look similar in style, including the SB. We recommend calling the store ahead of time to ensure availability. 

Nike Blazers Women Low

The Nike Blazers low-top shoes are popular among young women in the US. It fits true to size, so it would be a good idea to size up if you have wider feet. The Nike Blazers for women that feature the low style is Nike Blazer Low ’77. The durable material used to build this shoe makes it long-lasting. Enjoy the sleek look of the Nike Blazer Women’s Low sneakers. 

How To Style Nike Blazers

The great thing about Nike Blazers is that they’re versatile. Wear the sneakers for nearly any occasion and still achieve a clean look. Style your Nike Blazers with trendy sweatpants and an oversized sweater. You can also rock the chic look by wearing jeans and virtually any top! Nike Blazers have the power to alter your vibe and make you stand out! 

Nike Women’s Blazer High Top Sneakers

Nike Blazer high-top sneakers for women are available at your local retail store. Find the perfect shoe for any occasion when you shop for this popular style. The Nike Blazer Mid ’77 offers a vintage and timeless look that many women enjoy. These best-selling sneakers are worn with jeans, sweatpants, and other clothing. One of my favorite women’s Nike Blazer high-tops in the Mid ’77 Next Nature.

Nike Blazer for women in tan color

Nike Blazers Women Near Me

Are you a woman looking for Nike Blazers? Try visiting your local mall to find some of these popular sneakers. Department stores like Nordstrom also carry some Nike Blazers for women. If you’re having trouble finding these shoes, I recommend shopping online. 

Are Nike Blazers Unisex?

Nike Blazers are unisex but still have labels for women and men. Nike Blazers do fit true to size, and some users report them to feel narrow. It is recommended to up the size if you have wide feet. Visit your local store so you can try the shoes on for yourself. 

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