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Penny loafers are a great gift for any woman in your family. Not only are they comfortable, but they provide a sleek style to consumers. Women usually wear penny loafers in the workplace. The shoe was initially designed in the 1930s and held enough space for coins to be used in phone booths. 

Nowadays, penny loafers have become a staple in every household. I remember getting this footwear from aunts during holidays. Penny loafers are now fashionable in the business world and casual scenes. Enjoy a classic look when you leave the house for chores. Learn more about the best brands that sell penny loafers for women below.

Penny loafers for women feature suede texture

Penny Loafers For Women

Every woman should own multiple pairs of penny loafers for different purposes. This type of footwear can be worn on fancy occasions and casual outings. Try on penny loafers next time you walk your dog! Women are now styling their shoes with jeans, dresses, and leather pants. Below is a list of brands that sell penny loafers for women.

  • G.H. Bass & Co.
  • Madewell
  • Gucci
  • Sam Edelman
  • M. Gemi
  • Vagabond
  • Franco Sarto
  • Labucq

Black Penny Loafers Women

One of the most popular colors for penny loafers is black. The look offers a deep tone that provides a professional touch to the outfit. There are plenty of stores that sell black penny loafers for women. It’s best to visit locations and try on the shoes yourself. You can also find black penny loafers for women on our list below on Amazon.

  • Giani Bernini
  • Naturalizer
  • Alfani
  • Franco Sarto
  • Circus
  • Bandolino

Leather Penny Loafers For Women

If you’re a woman that appreciates a polished look, try wearing some leather penny loafers. The material is durable and can be worn to nearly any occasion. Stores like Nordstrom offer leather penny loafers for women in various colors. Enjoy the classic brown shade from top brands like Free People, Marc Joseph, G.H. Bass & Co., Jeffrey Campbell, and Sam Edelman. 

Penny loafers for women in a beige background

Amazon Penny Loafers

Try shopping for penny loafers on Amazon to search for a massive inventory. Let’s be honest; Amazon is storming the retail industry. You can find your favorite brands and choose a color that fits your outfit. The benefit of shopping on Amazon is the ease of use and fast delivery. The company also has an excellent return system in place for footwear. 

How To Wear Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are usually worn with cotton dress pants and no socks. You can enjoy a casual business outing while wearing leather-style loafers. The versatile pair of shoes can be worn for a clean, relaxed, and minimalist look. 

Women Penny Loafers For Sale

There are a large number of brands that sell penny loafers for women. Try visiting your local mall and sampling the shoes to see which match your outfit. You can also find women’s penny loafers on Amazon and other online marketplaces. Shop for top brands and enhance your wardrobe with a leather pair. 

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