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Polarization is designed to eliminate glare created when a vertical wavelength (sunray) hits a horizontal surface. For example, if the ray shines down and hits a shiny chrome bumper or the glistening water, it creates glare. Polarization is designed to combat that glare, assisting in conditions like driving out to the beach, lake and, ocean.

Maui Jim – Baby Beach

Maui Jim sunglasses are a lens-focused company. Maui Jim’s enterprise has a unique technology named PolarizedPlus2. This particular frame is the Maui Jim Baby Beach, a classic full-rim aviator design. It’s lightweight, and you have some adjustable nose pads here, which women with flatter noses appreciate.

The Baby Beach helps elevate the frame from resting on your cheeks. The PolarizedPlus2 lens technology provides that glare protection and is impact resistant. You also have some color contrast enhancement here.

Maui Jim Baby Beach sunglasses

Maui Jim’s lenses help create that pop you need in the environment you’re in so that the objects you need to pop and contrast come through for you. The frame width on the Maui Jim Baby Beach is 130mm, which fits like a medium.

Costa – Lareto

Next, we have Costa Lareto, another full-rim aviator design. The Lareto sunglasses include some heavy-duty, durable features. Lareto fits into many lifestyles, whether you’re looking for a casual look or some functionality. Kosta has a proprietary material for grips and tips on the sunglasses.

Kosta’s hydro light grip will help you adjust your sunglasses to fit your face. You may also elevate the frame in case the eyewear is resting on your cheek. Corrosion-resistant is also something to highlight about this pair of sunglasses. 

Costa Lareto sunglasses

Kosta is designed to be out on the water so keep in mind that these sunglasses help combat the elements. The 580 lens technology is another upper echelon elite technology in those conditions. The Loretto frame size is 132mm and has a medium fit.  

Oakley – Feedback

Oakley’s Feedback sunglasses feature a frame that does not snag onto hair. The nose pads on the Oakley’s Feedback will provide a cushiony feel while not interfering with your head. Another awesome feature about these sunglasses is that it is available in PRIZM lens technology. 

When it comes to polarization, you want your sunglasses to combat glare. Glare can be very distracting and can cause accidents on the road. That’s why it’s essential to have some polarized sunglasses. With Oakley, you can upgrade your Feedback to their PRIZM technology. This will help tune the color spectrum that you’re viewing. 

Oakley Feedback sunglasses

Oakley’s Feedback elevates your overall viewing experience with added technology. Otherwise, it’s perfect if you want to set your sunglasses on your head. 

Maui Jim – Sandy Beach

Mau Jim sunglasses are known for their rectangular design, and Sandy Beach is no different. Similar to the Baby Beach sunglasses, Mau Jim’s Sandy Beach continues to perform with its polarization technology. One thing unique about these pairs of eyewear is their color contract enhancement features.

Like other brans, Mau Jim also focuses on nose pads and grips for sunglasses. The Sandy Beach includes a rubber grip on the temple while keeping the weight very light. 

Maui Jim Sandy Beach sunglasses

Don’t be surprised if you forget this frame was sitting on your head. Maui Jim’s Sandy Beach is perfect for all-day wear, leading you well into the afternoon. The frame size of these sunglasses is 131mm. 

Kaenon – Monterey

Kaenon’s Monterey sunglasses are a trendy rectangular design among customers. The frame from this pair of sunglasses is lightweight and features a full rim. You can also get these in prescription, which is a significant plus for users. 

Because of Monterey’s flexibility, it’s one of the most popular prescription frames. These sunglasses also contain 391 Polarized lens tech that combats glare and enhances color. The fit for Kaenon’s Monterey is 125mm.

Kaenon Monterey sunglasses

Oakley – Frogskins

Oakley’s Frogskins sunglasses feature the original design from the 80s. With a classic keyhole nose bridge, you’ll be impressed with how lightweight and durable the Frogskins are. Oakley’s sunglasses are also available in PRIZM technology lenses. 

There are plenty of polarization options with Oakley’s Froskings; pick your desired option and enjoy! The sunglasses fit medium and also come in different shapes and sizes. All body shapes or head shapes will be able to rock these pairs of sunglasses. 

Oakley Frogskins sunglasses

Oakley’s Frogskins proves to be versatile in the sunglasses space while maintaining class. Get your classic look from Oakey’s Frogskins, and make sure you include some added lens technology to fight intense glares. 

Ray Ban – RB4171 Erika

The RB4171 Erika is one of the most popular Ray-Ban frames on the market. Their key features include the rounded design with the keyhole nose bridge. It also has an oversize look which many women seem to love. The sunglasses give you extra coverage by just having more lens area, especially if it’s polarized.

You get more protection with Ray-Bans prescription or polarized lens technology. They’re also prescription with Ray-Ban authentic lenses, so you still have that iconic Ray-Ban logo. The frame size of the Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika is 137mm. This would make the sunglasses a rather large fit but still look and feel like a classic lightweight frame. 

Ray Ban RB4171 Erika sunglasses

This is another pair of women’s sunglasses that’s versatile on many occasions. It is enjoyed by many, and others will notice brand recognition immediately. This is a classic frame, and you can’t go wrong by wearing them. 

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