Top Female Entrepreneurs of 2021

Great entrepreneurs have fascinated the world with their innovative ideas that make the world we live in a better place. Entrepreneurs have a significant influence in the business world. Yet, women have gone ahead to show that they’re good at whatever they do. Female entrepreneurs have redefined the world of entrepreneurs with uniquely crazy ideas. Female entrepreneurs have succeeded in balancing their personal and professional lives and yet give their best.

Women-owned businesses are fast growing in number. Women have succeeded in making their priceless in the business world. Female entrepreneurs are quickly becoming a source of inspiration to many women out in the world, showing us that we can be the best at whatever we do. Female entrepreneurs have taken risks, led, and made an impression in the business world. Some of the top female entrepreneurs who have crushed it this year include:

Victoria Marcouillier

The founder and CEO of Brandwell Designs, Victoria Marcouilliier is a podcaster and web designer. Brand well focuses on helping to give female entrepreneurs all over the world everything they need to start, grow and scale their business. They do this by creating beautiful and alluring branding and web design. Victoria began as a freelancer, and at just 28 years, she and her team have become pioneers in the creative web design world, inspiring both young and older women.

Victoria Marcouillier

Julia Wang

Julia Wang is the broker and owner of NextGen Real Estate, also recently chosen as the number one realtor on social media for both Houston and Texas. Yahoo Finance named her among ‘Top 5 Real Estate Agents to Follow.’ Her career focuses on buying and selling luxury homes and also representing Houston luxury home builders. After earning a bachelor’s degree, she worked at many corporations before she decided to follow her passion, bag a real estate license, and start her firm.

Rossanna Ceccato

Rossanna Ceccato is the founder of redress, a clothing platform that helps women solve the problem of having nothing to wear despite having a wardrobe full of clothes. Redress helps swap barely used clothes for new ones. Rossanna created redress in 2019 after discovering that many clothes will remain hanging in some women’s wardrobes for long, wasting away. The Instagram generation does not like to be seen in clothes more than once. Redress is the perfect solution for monetizing what’s in your closet, revealing the actual value of second-hand apparel.

Dr. Christine Manukyan

She’s the founder of Functional Medicine Business Academy, a podcast host, international speaker, and the best-selling author of STORRIE. After working 13 years in the world of corporate America, she made a crazy decision to leave her stable, reputable job as a clinical pharmacist to go virtual. Dr. Christins built the world’s first Functional Medicine Certification Program for stressed-out clinicians who find it challenging to balance their family, career, and health. She offers them the opportunity to take hold of their freedom and create their functional medicine legacy.

Dr. Christine Manukyan


These women making a shift in the entrepreneurial world have shown us that we don’t have to limit ourselves. They’ve motivated us that we can do better and be the best at whatever we do.

So, act on that unique idea you have, follow your passion, and make a trend.

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