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What is the best firearm for females? An excellent introductory gun for women must be light, small, and powerful. Though all firearms can work for any female, it’s best to start with these recommendations. 

There are several factors to consider before buying your first gun. One of the first factors is whether or not you’ve shot before. Is the firearm weapon going to be used for protection? Is it going to be shared with others? These questions will dictate what kind of gun you should buy most of the time.

Glock 44

I’ll most likely recommend the Glock 44 to start your gun learning venture. Glock 44 is a 22 caliber gun, and as a female, it can be a great help when overwhelmed at the range.

With a firearm, shooting is an intimidating first step or first experience because you have to think about loading and unloading. You also have to worry about holding it correctly.

Glock 44 pistol for women

After much experience, I notice that the Glock 44 with a 22 caliber is the easiest gun to start with. You can be taught how to load it and hold it properly in the stands. Meanwhile, you can get used to the sound of gunshots. 

With the Glock 44, you feel more in power, and it’s a better experience. Then I’ll bump you right up to a nine millimeter. The reason behind this is to move you to an easier gun after being comfortable with the bigger bullet. 

Glock 19

A Glock 19 is great if you are looking for home protection. If a family member is looking for a reliable gun that works well, recommend the Glock 19. 

I would recommend this one only because it’s comfortable to shoot and it can fit in both of your hands. So we have to think about that for home protection. I also like that the Glock 19 is a 15 round mag capacity. 

It may be a bit bigger than most firearms, so you may not be able to conceal this in your purse. In that case, this is a better home protection gun than a conceal and carry.

Glock 19 purple pistol for women

Glock 43

Glock 43 is an excellent concealing firearm that many women start off using. The Glock 43 is a nine-millimeter, so that it will be slightly larger. The Glock 43 is easy to conceal, and it’s also thin so that if I need to cover it, you can throw a shirt on it, and it won’t be noticeable.

It will hold six rounds in the magazine with one in the chamber, seven total. And when I started getting comfortable with carrying, I was like, OK, that’s what I want. More round capacity, but as a female, I don’t have a lot of room to carry extra magazines and stuff that men do. 

Glock 43 blue pistol for women

Springfield Hellcat

Springfield Hellcat is known for its compact size. Though it’s thicker than the Glock 43, it holds 11 rounds instead. I loved the Springfield Hellcat because of the round capacity, and I’m able to conceal it. Another thing is that a female or someone can use this for home protection because of that round capacity. I love home protection firearms with a bit more round capacity.

Concealing this was easy for me, just a slight step above the Glock 43. However, it does kick quite a bit, so it was difficult to hold on to the firearm. I had to alter my hand grip slightly to control that gun while shooting, so newer shooters, watch for the recoil.

springfield Hellcat pistol for women

Glock 43X

Glock 43X has a bigger grip than the firearms previously mentioned. On the Springfield Hellcat, the kick can be too much, which is why you can benefit from the Glock 43X. 

Glock 43X doesn’t kick; you can notice the difference between the 43X and the 48. The Glock 43X has a slightly shorter barrel, and it holds ten rounds. There are aftermarket magazines that hold 15 or 20 rounds for this gun. 

After reviewing what women like, I found that the Glock 43X was one of the most popular firearms for women. One reason is that the Glock 43X is slightly smaller than the Glock 19, and the grip is also the ideal size for home protection and more. 

SIG P365

Many compare the SIG P365 with the Springfield Hellcat. The SIG P365 features an extended version which includes a longer grip and longer barrel. 

It’s important to know that it’s more beneficial to test drive these firearms to get a feel for what you like. Compare grips, recoil, and more when it comes to weapons. Others described the SIG P365 as snappy, with higher recoil, but very comfortable. 

SIG P365 pistol for women


Many firearm owners love the HK VP9 for many reasons: their comfortable finger contours. The backstrap is also taken in, so it feels like it was meant for your hands. Many women love this feeling because it feels like you can control the gun more. This is the primary reason females prefer this gun over others because of their confidence when holding it. 

Personally, I don’t do physical thumb safeties because it’s an extra step that I have to remember. If you’re getting into the gun industry because you just want to shoot and you don’t want to have it for personal protection, then try them! 

If I’m in a defensive situation, I’m going to have my HK VP9 loaded with a round in the chamber, and it’s going to be a split second where I want to use that firearm. Things can go very badly if you have a thumb safety on during these critical conditions.

HK VP9 Holster List


After reviewing the guns featured above, I hope you find the best fit for you. I’ve noticed that women correlate the intimidating gun experience with the recoil, which might discourage them from feeling comfortable owning a firearm. You can shoot a nine-millimeter and feel totally comfortable. To achieve this feeling, though, you must endure a stronger gun just to help you ease into the smaller firearms. Consider it getting the “jitters” out, and then you can focus on learning about the weapon.

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