Women Owned Businesses In Illinois

If you’re looking for women owned businesses in Illinois you will enjoy reading this list. Women entrepreneurs with business ownership dreams are women of color. Highlighting women’s achievements is a priority for American Express, so they created a Top Women Owned Companies program to celebrate businesses run by women. Check out all of the Top Women Owned Companies located in the state of Illinois.

Only about 12% of the women’s clothing companies in the U.S. are owned by women. This is where The Gabi brand comes in. This company, run by Claire Smith, CEO and Founder, was named one of Money Magazine’s 2018 Rising Stars. Gabi’s clothing is sourced from sustainable, fair-trade and regenerative, women-owned farms around the world.

When it comes to female leaders, Helena Foulkes will leave her mark on CVS. Since being named CEO in February 2018, she has expanded CVS Health’s health offerings in an effort to appeal to a larger customer base. Foulkes is also credited with expanding CVS’s pharmacy benefits manager business and improving the company’s loyalty programs, which is a major feat for any CEO. But the most popular Illinois women owned business list is below.

Momentum Health

The healthcare industry is in constant flux, and hospital conglomerates are growing stronger every day. The Chicago-based Momentum Health provides individualized outpatient care, which sets them apart. Founder CEO Grace Iberle technology to incorporate a more personal relationship with patients, and it shows in the success of their products and services.

Eris Brewery and Ciderhouse

Eris is making history by becoming the first women-owned and -operated cidery in the city. The Elgin-based company has already attracted thousands of visitors to its 3-barrel distillery and tap room, but recently celebrated with its very first cider release. The limited-release “Hank” bottle was bottled in honor of the production manager’s 10th anniversary with the company, a woman who has been a passionate advocate for women in the industry. Her stories are a great reminder of why it’s important to honor women whose work matters, as this space wasn’t created overnight.

Eris Brewery and Ciderhouse

Chicago French Press

Chicago French Press is a Chicago-based bread and pastry maker. Since 2016, sisters Yvonne and Anna Dazzy have been growing their business, Chicago French Press, into a major local business, perfecting and tweaking their dough through a year of testing. The sisters, who are first-generation Americans, were raised on traditional Southern recipes passed down by their family, and decided to transition their culinary skills into a business. In 2016, they won a Regional Gold Medal for their Belgian Yoghurt Cake from the Great Lakes region at the American Cake Competition, and, in 2017, won the American Cake Guild’s Fan Favorite award for their Brioche. Now, the sisters make dozens of French pastries at their Chicago home, then sell them out of their retail bakery in Logan Square.

Chicago French Press

Early to Bed

Women sleep later than men, not because they don’t work as hard or need as much rest, but because it’s what we’re accustomed to. We grew up with parents waking us up for school or sports practices, and that carries on into adulthood. Even our modern technology has an inbuilt bias—some studies say that smartphones and computers will always think it’s night at 10pm, even though that’s when we’re actually getting the most work done.

A new mattress store on the North Side of Chicago is looking to change that. Early to Bed is the first Illinois-based women’s mattress and lifestyle store, and is opening at 1452 W. Belmont Ave. in March.

Early to Bed in mattress

The Shudio

There’s something of a legend at the Shudio, and for good reason. For 25 years, they have been providing small women business owners with top of the line financial and business advice. The company’s success is due to a two-tiered approach to solving a variety of business problems.

One of the founding members of the organization, Sue Cahill, says the Shudio’s approach focuses on “the first year” of running a business. “We tell our clients to try a few things, don’t rule anything out. You’re spending money to get the business up and running and you should make sure it’s going to work. The bottom line is always what’s going to provide the best value, both to your business and the customer.

Bon Femmes

Prior to her life as a buyer at Marc Jacobs, Anita Burch was a Canadian model and art director, which gave her a background and perspective she wished she’d had when working for others. A year later, Burch started her own boutique, Bon Femmes, which sells contemporary women’s wear and accessories. Despite being a small business owner, she doesn’t rely on borrowed money, is looking to expand, and has many employees who aren’t full-time, with different functions.

Her business showcases a variety of perspectives, from a 23-year-old women’s fashion editor who is now a senior editor at a national fashion magazine, to her 23-year-old grandson who helps out on weekends. “There is so much more than what I ever could have hoped for,” she said.

Uptown Bikes

The arrival of Uptown Bikes in Uptown was part of the evolution of the neighborhood. Uptown is often the victim of negative stereotypes, despite its prominent role in the redevelopment of the city. So it is refreshing to see a neighborhood business owner like Jay Kubinski supporting the neighborhood’s growth. Uptown Bikes opened in 2015, and quickly gained a reputation for offering excellent value for money. They are a popular shop for students at nearby Loyola, Northwestern, DePaul and University of Illinois-Chicago, who often come in for affordable, quality cycles.

Uptown bikes in Chicago, IL

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