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Illinois now has over 450,000 women-owned businesses. Women entrepreneurs are steadily taking over the work environment with passion. Though it’s challenging to identify which companies in Lombard, IL are women-owned, I did compile a list of confirmed companies. These female-led establishments are popular in the city, so we recommend you visit! 

It’s been proven that women are great business leaders, yet they’re underrepresented. Use our women-owned businesses list below to guide you through restaurants, boutiques, and more in Lombard, IL. Let us know on social media if you’d like to be included in our reviews! 

Four Paws

Four Paws is a leading dog care service center that Danielle Daidone leads. Danielle’s love for dogs came after she adopted two German Shepherd puppies. Being a women-owned business, Four Paws appreciates all the work customers give them. Manager Laura Daidona runs the dog care center, and the head trainer is Rachel. You can surely trust Four Paws with your dogs during your vacation! Visit their website or call them at 630-376-6372 for more information. 

Four Paws dog care center in Lombard, IL

Rosemary and Jeans Public House

Rosemary and Jeans Publis House restaurant is an excellent place for food in Lombard, IL. Tracy Nelson and her husband Matt run this women-owned business. The restaurant is named Rosemary and Jeans because Matthew’s mom celebrated 50 years of living in Lombard. If you’re into Italian cuisine, this is the place to go! Rated highly by community members, you may try them for yourself. Rosemary and Jeans Public House is located at 116 S Main St, Lombard, IL 60148. Call this women-owned restaurant for reservations at 630-519-3747.

Rosemary and Jeans Public House restaurant in Lombard, IL

Sweet Reserve Bakery

Visit Lombard’s top bakeshop at Sweet Reserve Bakery at 625 E Roosevelt Rd. Customize your cake for the next occasion at this women-owned bakery. You can see the talented team on their website with the gallery. During March, Sweet Reserve Bakery had painting events every Tuesday. Right now, you can experience the bakery’s High Tea on weekends for $40 per person. Learn how to decorate cookies, cupcakes, and more. Have any questions? Call them at 630-376-6150. 

Sweet Reserve Bakery in Lombard, IL

Babcock’s Grove House

Located in downtown Lombard, Babcock’s Grove House is a popular restaurant for lunch. Stroll around the historic town and shop by the local stores down the block. Babcock’s was originally a hotel before the Civil War. This women-owned restaurant now serves delicious food, including their famous chicken schnitzel. You can visit Babcock’s Grove House at 101 West St. Charles Rd, Lombard, IL 60148. 

Babcock's Grove House restaurant in downtown Lombard, IL

Helen Plum Library

Helen Plum Library has been in Lombard, IL, for many years. Many young people start their reading journey in this library. Get your card and enjoy the benefits of Helen Plum while also having access to subscription magazines. Built in 1961, this library was made to represent a telegraph woman named Helen Colonel Plum. Visit the Lombard library at 110 W Maple St, Lombard, IL. If you would like more information, give them a call at 630-627-0316. 

Helen Plum Library in Lombard, IL that is women owned

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