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In 2023, more women-owned businesses opened up in Naperville, IL. Please look at our extended list of top restaurants and companies that feature women’s leadership. At Led By Woman, we showcase and highlight women-owned corporations that satisfy the community while leaving a lasting impact. We recommend everyone support these kinds of businesses as it benefits families across the cities. Customers are also encouraged to ask questions about the owners and their stories regarding their restaurants and boutiques.

Whether you’re looking for a great place to eat or a women-owned establishment, our article will lead you in the right direction. Naperville, IL, is known for its friendliness and lively community. It’s no doubt that guests will feel welcomed wherever they go when shopping or dining. Check out our recently updated list of women-owned businesses in Naperville below.

Paris Bistro

Paris Bistro shares unique experiences for their guests on Showplace Dr. Enjoy French cuisine here and be impressed by their luxury interior. I recommend reserving a table to ensure availability when you arrive. Paris Bistro continues to be a high-rated place; best of all, they’re women-owned. One of the most delightful dishes from the restaurant is on the brunch menu; Conquilles saint-Jacques. View other food and drink options by visiting their official website.

Visit Paris Bistro today at 2656 Showplace Dr, Naperville, IL. Call the restaurant at 630-357-1005 for reservations.

Paris Bistro restaurant in Naperville, IL

Kiku Japanese Steak House

Featuring a new menu, Kiku Japanese Steak House is the ideal place to go if you’re looking for sushi in Naperville. Aside from having women in leadership positions, this restaurant specializes in contemporary dishes. When I visited Kiku last summer, I was amazed at their stylish venue and loved their sake. Something worth noting about the steak house is that they don’t charge for splitting a meal. I encourage anyone in Naperville to give this place a try.

Drive to Kiku Japanese Steak House at 2764 Aurora Ave, Naperville, IL. Call 630-305-3355 to ask for availability for dinner.

Kiku Japanese Steak House platter in Naperville, IL

Gierach Law Firm

Denice Gierach is a well-known female lawyer whose office resides in Naperville, IL. Get an expert’s opinion on business law, tax law, real estate planning, and more. As a women-owned business, you must show your support by visiting and consulting while exploring options. Gierach has been practicing law for over 30 years, so you’ll get exemplary help. Learn more information about this women-owned law firm here.

You can make an appointment at Gierach Law Firm by calling 630-756-1160. The address to the establishment is 1776 Legacy Cir Suite 104, Naperville, IL.

Honey-Jam Cafe in Naperville, IL

Honey-Jam Cafe is one of Naperville’s favorite breakfast restaurants. Enjoy this comfortable brunch eatery as they feature some of the tastiest waffles. Honey Jam Cafe is also known for its homemade jelly. The women owned restaurant has an extensive menu that many customers love. Honey Jam Cafe is located at 1504 N Naper Blvd, Naperville, IL. Call the restaurant for reservations at 630-955-0950.

Honey Jam Cafe in Naperville, IL

Lindsay’s Custom Leather Design

Lindsay’s Custom Leather Design is a women-owned shoe repair shop in Naperville, IL. With over 75 years of experience, the workers here can take care of any task for your footwear. Lindsay’s shop can also create custom belts, wallets, purses, and more. If you have specific requirements, please get in touch with the shop by calling 630-955-1550.

Niki Moon Salon and Spa

Niki Moon Salon and Spa are a popular beauty salon in Naperville, IL. Book an appointment for facials, waxing, haircuts, and more. Check out the Niki Moon salon menu, as they feature excellent styling options and hair treatments. On their website, you can see that they’re the #1 hair salon in Naperville, IL. Enjoy the women owned full-service salon and spa with their friendly staff and beautiful looks. Visit this beauty salon at 1100 N Sherman Ave #108, Naperville, IL. You may also call the women owned business at 630-210-8262.

Niki Moon Salon in Naperville, IL

DeEtta’s Bakery

Take your sweet tooth to DeEtta’s Bakery in Naperville, IL. Experience modern yet straightforward cookies and other baked goods at this women owned shop. Now offering takeout, DeEtta’s Bakery is the perfect solution for your wedding cake and more. Their location in Naperville offers seasonal bread and cheesecakes. Many customers have rated DeEtta’s as having the best cupcakes, pastries, and pies. Call the women owned a bakery at 630-548-4078 for information or visit their location at 428 W 5th Ave, Naperville, IL. 

DeEtta's Bakery in Naperville, IL

The Wright Center for Women’s Health

Get comprehensive care at the Wright Center for Women’s Health. This clinic is top-notch, according to Google reviews. Equipped with a patient portal and more tools, The Wright Center is an established place in the community of Naperville, IL. Address your needs and demands as a woman at this clinic and receive the assistance necessary.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the center at 630-687-9595. You can also head to the clinic at 1763 Freedom Dr #117, Naperville, IL.

Lauren Rae Jewelry Boutique

Visit Lauren Rae Jewelry Boutique in Naperville for unique accessories. The women owned business curates many outfits for any occasion. Lauren Rae’s collection consists of beautiful jewelry and comfortable clothing. Shop for mother’s day at this boutique for exquisite gifts. If you’re in Naperville, stop by Lauren Rae’s and find the piece that fits your style. The boutique and jewelry store address is 14 Jackson Ave, Naperville, IL. 

Lauren Rae Jewelry Boutique in Naperville, IL

Klique Creative

Need a jump start for your business? Consult one of the best agencies in Naperville, IL. Klique Creative is a women-owned marketing company that can further your brand identity to generate more awareness and business. The agency has been around for many years and offers fully-customizable plans. Learn everything you need to know while having a team behind you in marketing with Klique Creative.

For a consultation, contact Klique Creative at 331-281-0920.

Passion Lily Boutique

Shop women’s clothing and accessories at Passion Lily Boutique in Naperville, IL. This online-based women-owned business consists of everyday wear. Whether you’re looking for loungewear, shoes, or onesies, Passion Lily is the place for you. This boutique also creates women’s clothing for all sizes. There are also unique events hosted at the shop; feel free to contact Passion Lily for more information.

Call the Passion Lily Boutique at 217-236-6748.

The UpScale Tail Pet Grooming

The Upscale Tail is an award-winning pet grooming salon in Naperville, IL. Trust the women owned business in taking care of your dog’s next haircut. All the pet stylists are highly-trained professionals that know their way around animals. Talk to UpScale’s Tail pet groomers for tips and tricks on maintaining your pet’s hair. Visit their location at 1419 Plainfield-Naperville Rd, Naperville, IL.  

The UpScale Tail Pet Grooming in Naperville, IL

Pinot Palette

Transform your gathering by attending Pinot’s Palette in Naperville, IL. The women owned paint and sip franchise offers step-by-step art lessons to impress your friends. Host your next event at their venue and learn from a professional. One of the best parts about Pinot Palette is that you get to enjoy cocktails and wine while painting. Contact Pinot Palette by calling 331-457-5400 or visiting their location at 175 Jackson Ave Suite 123, Naperville, IL. 

Pinot Palette in Naperville, IL

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