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Orland Park, IL, is a great place to support women owned businesses. With a population of 58,000, many female entrepreneurs are opening storefronts that sell helpful products. Nowadays, you can find a women owned business for just about anything, including restaurants, real estate, boutiques, etc. Find places to shop using our curated guide in this article. Orland Park is known for their golf centers and railroad history. 

Make sure you visit women owned businesses in Orland Park, IL if you’re nearby. We recommend dining at Bialy’s or Girl in the Park restaurant for specialty entrees and drinks. Shop for real estate by calling the best women owned realty company in town, The Wexler Group. Need a place that does hair? No problem! Visit Preet Beauties and empower women in the community. 

Girl in the Park Restaurant

If you’re looking for a unique American bar & grill, visit the Girl in the Park Restaurant in Orland Park, IL. This eatery is known for its locally sourced food and craft beer. Girl in the Park also creates some of the best handcrafted infused cocktails around the area. Featuring an extensive menu, this restaurant is a perfect choice for lunch with friends. We recommend you make reservations at the Girl in the Park days before. 

Visit the Girl in the Park restaurant at 11265 W 159th St, Orland Park, IL. Call the hostess now by phoning 708-226-0042.  

Girl in the Park restaurant in Orland Park, IL

Bialy’s House of Pancakes

Nothing beats visiting Bialy’s House of Pancakes for a stomach-filling breakfast. Start your morning off right when eating the restaurant’s large portion meals. Bialy’s is quite obviously known for its fluffy pancakes that taste delicious. If you don’t have time to dine, order take-out from their extensive menu.

Have breakfast at Bialy’s House of Pancakes, 7110 W 159th St, Orland Park, IL. Call the hostess for reservations at 708-444-7777

Bialy's house of pancakes in Orland Park, IL

Preet Beauties

Preet Beauties offers many hair services, including dying, waxing, and more. The women owned business opened in Orland Park, IL, and has already attracted many top reviews. Many visitors comment on the Google My Business profile mentioning fair prices. 

Check out Preet Beauties at 9023 W 151st St, Orland Park, IL. Call the women owned business for appointments at 708-873-5565

The Wexler Group

The Wexler Group is a Chicagoland real estate agency in Orland Park, IL. This women owned business offers many opportunities for home buyers and workers. You can also book an online appointment on The Wexler Group’s website. 

Visit The Wexler Group at 16101 108th Ave, Orland Park, IL. Or call their office at 708-629-5151

History of Orland Park, IL

The history of Orland Park, IL, dates back to the first settler Henry Taylor in 1834. The town is known for its early house builds from the 1950s. Orland Park, IL, was also part of the railroad paths that drove the community into establishing the Illinois area. Plenty of history museums are scattered across the city, and you can see old-school accents displayed around the downtown scene. 

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