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Women Owned Businesses are scattered across Peoria, IL. Support the community by shopping at various locations that female owners lead. Are you looking for a food place? Please look at our top-rated list of women owned restaurants in Peoria, IL. One thing that’s taking the initiative in the city is PEAP (Peoria Equity and Accountability Program). Their focus is to help underrepresented businesses in the area, like women owned establishments. 

 View the best women owned businesses in Peoria, IL, by reading our list. According to Google and other resources, various foot options are delicious and female-led. We’ve also created an easy method of reaching out to each business via call or address. Learn more about women owned businesses in Peoria below. 

Childers Eatery

Enjoy unique twists of classic American dishes by eating at Childers Eatery. This Peoria restaurant is famously known for its Harissa Shakshuka, poached eggs, and tomato stew. Childers Eatery has several locations scattered across the city, which proves its demand. Restaurant reviewers suggest that this restaurant in Peoria, IL, is a must-visit. We recommend eating at Childers Eatery for breakfast, especially if you had a long night out. 

You can find Childers Eatery at 3312 N University St, Peoria, IL. Call them at 309-688-1332 for reservations or availability. 

women owned childers eatery in peoria illinois

2 Chez Restaurant

Experience a delicate dining setting at 2 Chez Restaurant in Peoria, IL. Featuring rustic dishes with old-world flavors, this location is a local favorite. 2 Chez Restaurant serves upscale entrees from French, Italian, and American backgrounds. Google reviewers highly suggest trying their signature cocktails and tasty appetizers. If you’re having a date night in Peoria, IL, try booking a reservation at 2 Chez Restaurant.

Visit 2 Chez Restaurant at 7815 Knoxville Ave, Peoria, IL. You can call the front desk at 309-691-2224 for dinner reservations.  

women owned 2 chez restaurant in peoria illinois

The 50’s Diner

Peoria is home to an iconic food place called The 50’s Diner. Visit this restaurant for a rock and roll-themed night with an old-school atmosphere. The 50’s Diner is also famous for its milkshakes and happy vibes. 

Head to The 50’s Diner at 4700 N University St, Peoria, IL. Call 309-692-6300 for more reservations. 

women owned The 50s Diner in peoria illinois

Cyd’s in the Park

Cyd’s in the Park is a delicious bakery with a patio in Donovan Park. Enjoy lunchtime with friends and family while eating their soups and sandwiches. Peoria’s community loves this restaurant for its views and food. 

Cyd’s in the Park is located at 5805 North Knoxville Road, Peoria, IL. Call them ahead of time for reservations at 309-685-1100. 

women owned Cyd's in the park in peoria illinois

The Fieldhouse Bar & Grill

The Fieldhouse Bar & Grill is a made-to-order eatery that features America’s favorites. The restaurant in Peoria, IL, always has a rotating selection of craft beers. Are you a meat fan? Check out the Fieldhouse’s steaks and BBQ for quality smoked flavors. 

Visit The Fieldhouse Bar & Grill at 1200 W Main St. #24, Peoria, IL. Call the restaurant at 309-494-9600 for reservations. 

women owned fieldhouse bar and grill in peoria illinois


Curvology is a women owned plus size clothing store in Peoria, IL. The store’s extensive selection makes it easy to find a great style for you. Curvology also offers curbside pickup for customers. 

Head on over to Curvology at 4703 N University St, Peoria, IL. Call them at 309-643-1471 for more information and availability. 

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