Women-Owned Bakery Hewn in Evanston, IL

In June 2013, a women-owned bakery named “Hewn” opened its doors in Evanston, IL. Ellen King and Julie Matthei mastered the art of bread, making enough to encapsulate a community. These co-owners were trained chefs who started out selling bread to customers under-the-table. After the pandemic, polar vortexes, and more, Hewn served its community.  Now,Continue reading “Women-Owned Bakery Hewn in Evanston, IL”

Women Owned Small Business Program

Learn about the women-owned small business W.A.S.P. program in this article. Women-owned small businesses are vital contributors to the business world. They’re also the primary driving force in the United States economy. In 2011, the Small Business Administration S.B.A. implemented the women-owned Small Business Federal Contracting Program.  This organization assists in authorizing contracting officers toContinue reading “Women Owned Small Business Program”

Brave and Kind Books

The famed ‘Brave and Kind’ bookshop in Decatur, Georgia is gaining loads of popularity with their books. Brave and Kind CEO Bunnie Hilliard curated a thoughtful collection of children book that brings diverse stories to light. Each book is set to inspire readers to have a sense of bravery and kindness every day! The BraveContinue reading “Brave and Kind Books”

Women Are Less Likely To Land Federal Contracts

Though women have been making progress towards the gender gap, there is still areas for improvement. It is a fact that women are far less likely to land Federal contracts compared to their male counterparts. The federal contracting process is a $600 billion industry, but it’s not so kind to first time bidders. Federal contractsContinue reading “Women Are Less Likely To Land Federal Contracts”

2021 Women Who Mean Business Awards

The United Way of Acadiana made an announcement Friday that nominations are now open. The 2021 Women Who Mean Business Awards is set to extend their nominations to August 22, 2021. The women awards ceremony is scheduled to be held on October 13 at 6:00pm. The location of this special women’s award is at LeContinue reading “2021 Women Who Mean Business Awards”

Missouri Women’s Business Center Continues Funding After 5 Years

In Missouri, a business center has reached its 5 year anniversary celebrating its work for women entrepreneurs. The Missouri business center has contributed to over 50 businesses and invited them to a ribbon-cutting at The Atrium on Tenth. Like many businesses, the business center had a rough time adjusting to the COVID pandemic. The directorContinue reading “Missouri Women’s Business Center Continues Funding After 5 Years”

Kamala Harris Puts Focus On Women Businesses

Our Vice President, Kamala Harris, recently went on public record to advocate for a new focus on government help. This government assistance would provide help to women owned businesses. It is clear the effects of COVID destroyed many businesses and Harris believes its time for a recovery plan. More attention has been on women entrepreneursContinue reading “Kamala Harris Puts Focus On Women Businesses”

Woman Raises $50k On Kickster For Apparel Brand

Raquel Velez has become another Kickstarter success as she managed to raise 50 thousand dollars. After having a hard time trying to find her own size, Raquel had no choice but to make clothing herself. Thus, she created a plus-size women’s outdoor apparel brand. We mention outdoor because Raquel loves spending time skiing, camping andContinue reading “Woman Raises $50k On Kickster For Apparel Brand”

Atlantic Record Exec Talks About Women In The Music Industry

Dorothy Carvello is a former Atlantic Record A&R executive that has an audacious plan. The Country music mogul is releasing a new book that exposes the ugly sexist side of the music industry. The classic book “Anything for a Hit” is set to have explicit content on the use of drugs and sex not onlyContinue reading “Atlantic Record Exec Talks About Women In The Music Industry”

WE by Rising Tide | Women Entrepreneur Program

WE by Rising Tide was announced this week in Hawaii and is accepting online applications until June 18. This women entrepreneur program consists of a 10 week series of workshops that are designed for business. These business workshops help women entrepreneurs in financial management, marketing, and leadership. WE by Rising Tide will also provide advertisingContinue reading “WE by Rising Tide | Women Entrepreneur Program”