54kibo: A Luxury African Home Décor Brand

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54kibo helps revolutionize your home decor and interior design to emulate African Luxury. Designing interior features of a home can make or break the space given. Most of us find ourselves watching home-building shows on HGTV wondering where they get their decor.

Traditionally, a loved designer snatches some old pillows and whips the rug, and somehow the house ends up looking beautiful. Although this is the ideal case, many times we find ourselves hiring multiple designers for our homes.

For some home deocr inspiration, let us introduce you to a home décor women-owned business named “54kibo.”

54kibo – Luxury Digital Home Decor

54kibo is the leading luxury Digital home decor retailer for interior design professionals and consumers. The company launched in 2018 by Harvard Business School alumni Nana Quagraine. She was born in Ghana and raised in South Africa.

Specializing in Home lighting, decorative pillows, furniture, wall art, ceramics, rugs, kids’ items, gemstones, bags, and many more pieces. etc.

The name 54kibo comes from Mount Kilimanjaro’s Kibo summit, Africa’s highest mountain, coupled with 54 African countries. This is the perfect metaphor for the brand’s aspirations and carefully selected collections.

54kibo features more than 400 luxury designs and solutions for lifestyles with over 30 talented African designers. 54kibo also offers our retail prices and exclusive interior design consultations upon request. Always free delivery.

54kibo Home Decor Services

Home & Living

Décorate your home with pillows, lighting, wall art, baskets, ceramics, table linens, blankets, throws, towels, bags, jewelry, and home fragrances.


Add important elements in your home with furniture. 54kibo provides furniture pieces of your choice including chairs, ottomans, and tables.

Rugs & Carpets

Experience artwork for your floors including a wide range of rugs and carpets, silk & wool carpets, Egyptian cotton rugs, Egyptian wool rugs, and hand-loomed.

Why Choose 54kibo?

54kibo combines beautiful passion with credentials to make contemporary African home decor design. Its ongoing success proves influential at design showcases and fairs. 54kibo emphasizes the importance in the market of contemporary African design.

Furthermore, their luxury range extends beyond the scope of the African design – contemporary art. It showcases the language of design and key elements of global design.

Shop women-owned home décor business-like 54kibo

Bunny Williams creates rich and welcoming rooms where contemporary and antique pieces work together. With a half-century of experience in every major magazine, including training at the emblematic design firm Parish-Hadley, Bunny Williams has mastered her craft.

The famous Bunny is a designer who always learns. Because design is personal for Williams, every project she completes begins with a serious stage of preparation.

54kibo Review

Good design should suit your location, fit your customers and respect a house and its history. 54kibo are unique – perfectly suited for its residents and their environment. Also, the design is adapted constantly. The goal of this design is to make your life a bit easier to live. If one thing is learned from 54kibo, it is the houses are for the living, and the best are old and loved.

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