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54kibo home decor design pillow and ceramic

Many people have reviewed 54kibo and find them to be a pillar of culture in the African community. CEO & Founder Nana Quagraine built 54kibo to express the beauty of African home design and decor. Contemporary African design has inspire many top interior designers around the world.

Nana Quagraine was raised in South Africa then later moved to New York to start her women owned business. One thing the women entrepreneur pointed out was the under representation of African designers. That is why she took it up herself to hire a team of executives, investors, and advisors.

54kibo Home Decor

54kibo is well known for their African inspired home decor that has been popular in the US. The woman CEO went to Harvard Business School and is now selling items that add culture to any setting. Listed below are popular items that 54kibo sell on their home decor website.

  • Decorative Pillows
  • Lighting
  • Wall Art
  • Baskets
  • Pendant Lighting
  • Sconce Lighting
  • Table Lamps
  • Mirror Artwork
  • Platters
  • Crochet Dolls

54kibo Home & Living

54kibo Home & Living items are a hit among modern households looking to add African touches to their home. From pillows, lighting, baskets, & wall art to blankets, towels, bowls and ceramics. You are sure to love products from their catalog as their always working on adding new pieces.


African Decor Pillows that express color with a touch of modern.

Necklace Lighting

Increase the contemporary feel of your home with the Necklace Pendant Lampshades.

Wall Art

Check out the Limited edition gold-leaf geometric art by 54kibo exclusive.

Cotton Baskets & Bowls

54kibo is known for their Cotton Coiled Bowls and Baskets. View the Modern Basketry on their website.

Ceramic Bowls

Take a trip to Zimbabwe with these handmade ceramic bowls. The beauty of the bowls capture all eyes and inspire.

54kibo Furniture

54kibo takes it a step further and create their own line of furniture. Feel the modern African design with their chairs, tables, and poufs. Their seating and surfaces reflect the “Height of Contemporary African Design”. Mesmerizing as it be, 54kibo is sure to draw attention from around the globe.

Mid-Century Luxe Chairs

Colorful and a great look of modern style, these chairs are comfy and luxurious.

Line Seating

These seats are inspired by Scandinavian and Nigerian cultures. Great feel and look.

Adunni Seating

For more sleek vibes along with a pop of color. This petite chair is the one for you!


This throne proves as a contemporary favorite in 54kibo.

Ghanaian Accent Tables

54kibo take their African Ghana inspiration and place it onto these hand-carved tables. Check out their Ghana designed bench and tall tables. Other tables for sale are the African Wax Print Side Table, and the Le Tray Table.

54kibo Rugs & Carpets

54kibo also produces rugs and carpets for those looking to dive deeper into African design. Items that they have include silk & wool carpets, Egyptian cotton rugs, wool rugs. One of the more abstract modern heirloom carpets is the Water Purple Carpet which is 6×9 feet.

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