AYR The Sugar Jeans Review

AYR The Sugar Jeans

All Year Round continues to wow their customers with their Sugar Jeans. AYR’s The Sugar jeans emphasize a vintage look for any occasion. This remarkable pair of bottoms come in a Coconut Milk wash. The Sugar Jeans are made from premium denim fabric using sustainable methods. You’re encouraging ethical production when purchasing from AYR, which is a great cause! 

AYR is a popular women’s clothing brand that is popular in California. Created by CEO & founders Jac Cameron and Maggie Winter, ‘All Year Round’ innovatively perfected the jeans market. The Sugar Jeans is following the footsteps of AYR’s most famed pieces like The Bomb Pop, Yes Yes Yes, The Riser, and more. 

AYR The Sugar Jeans model

Working with denim is not easy; many brands have tried and failed. AYR’s advantage for jeans comes in their unique blend made in their factory. On their Sugar Jeans order page, you can see that the material is made from 98% cotton, 3% polyester, and 1% elastane. 

AYR The Sugar Jeans Sizing

Luckily, AYR provides sizing for The Sugar Jeans. Jeans Sizing jeans is a daunting experience for anyone shopping in malls. If you don’t have the proper jean size, you’ll most likely return the product. This is commonly the case with ordering clothes online. Take a look at the sizing information for The Sugar Jeans below.

Key Measurements (from waist size 28): 

Front Rise: 11 1/8″

Leg Opening: 17″

Recommended Inseams:

29 1/2″ Short Inseam: 5’6″ and under

31 1/2” Regular Inseam: 5’7″ and over

Waist Options: 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34

Insem Options: S, R

AYR The Sugar Jeans with shoes

AYR The Sugar Maintenance Tips

To extend the lifespan of The Sugar Jeans, you must follow AYR’s pro tips. Maintenance for clothing requires time and care, as the dyes are delicate with liquid. Indigo is a dye from natural resources, and any water can start damage. Users recommend storing jeans in a bag inside a freezer. This will help preserve the longevity of the wash and fabric, though I recommend only doing this for 24 hours at a time. It’s not required to wash your pair of jeans after every use. 

AYR The Sugar Jeans behind view

More From AYR  

AYR stands for All Year Round for multiple reasons. Part of the women-owned brand’s mission is to make clothing last a lifetime. AYR focuses on encouraging confidence in its customers. Creating jeans, tops, tees, and more, AYR ensures their clothing is worn all year round. 

I think it’s important to note that All Year Round is female-founded and has a team of only ten people. The business started in 2016, and some workers are still in the family. Find a great new style and look by trying out one of AYR’s jeans. That’s where it starts, but it’s not where it ends, as you will soon see yourself collecting their clothing. After years of success, it’s no wonder why AYR has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Vanity Fair, Fast Company, and more magazines. 

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