HONEYCAT: A Minimalist Jewelry Brand For Women

HONEYCAT necklace with blue shirt

Hard jewelry has the power to transform the wearer into a confident being. Try a minimalist approach to fashion and jewelry with HONEYCAT. The right pieces can take
time to find, and quality metals are priced in a variety of ways. Luckily the HONEYCAT team will do all the hard work for you.

Often a minimalist collar, earring, ring, or bracelet is likely to last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking to update a T-shirt–and-jeans look or hope to find a new signature gem piece that complements any style, HONEYCAT has you covered.

HONEYCAT – A Minimalist Jewelry Brand

HONEYCAT was co-founded in the present-day jewelry market by two great friends Julie and Jo by accident. One of them originally had a female boutique but later felt the need to add extra grace at a reasonable price to these clothes.

One of the best features of the jewelry brand is that they focus on price fairness. They make sure their customers get a great quality product at a great price. This is why HONEYCAT introduced people to an affordable selection of minimalist jewelry.

Where To Buy HONEYCAT Jewelry?

You can purchase HONEYCAT jewelry on their website or Amazon. HONEYCAT is famous for its high-quality and graceful products, which minimalists cannot stack, layer, or wear alone for years to come. Check out the top products by HONEYCAT below.


A single chain can be the best minimalist gemstone to curate your look. HONEYCAT features the following necklaces, Crystal Lariat, Julia Tag, Little Boom Pendant, and Rainbow Day Dream. All under $30.


Earrings are also minimal but graceful. HONEYCAT offers a variety of earrings like the Sea Hoops, Sky Thick Hoops, and Knotted Hoops.


Up your ring game with HONEYCAT’s special curated rings. Wear one, try some on various fingers, or even double up. Stevie Baguette, Inner Compass ring, Lorena Baguette ring, Half Moon ring, and many more are available.

Buy HONEYCAT Jewelry On Amazon

Purchase HONEYCAT jewelry on Amazon for an easy experience. View their top necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and more below on our amazon product links. Send us a photo with your product on our IG for a free shoutout!


HONEYCAT has evolved and improved ever since conception. She likes to get into the funk, to get things right. The team constantly examines product and process opportunities for improvement – whether it be design, packaging, plating, pricing, or the functionality of a piece.

  • The Perfect Fit: Ring sizes and standard expanders are available on all necklaces and wristbands to make sure the fit is perfect.
  • Longevity: HONEYCAT increased the thickening of the fine plate on each piece to extend the lifespan of your meaningful jewelry.
  • Forever pieces: HONEYCAT offers affordable fine jewelry with a growing collection of fan favorites made into 14k solid gold and rose gold.

Shop Women-Owned Jewelry like HONEYCAT

Just like this women-owned jewelry brand, many other women’s jewelry brands have a commitment to quality and style in their values. One of those brands is Judith Styles from Of Earth and Ocean.

All their jewelry is handcrafted with silver, copper, brass, marine glass, Pearls, and other high-quality materials in their Wellfleet, Massachusetts Studio. The breathtaking sunrise over the sea, bright sunlight from the Moon, and stars on a summer night in Cape Cod. Stylish sea glasses convey the wonderful energies of earth, and the Ocean inspires many of their designs.


We have, therefore, been researching ethical jewelry brands that are dedicated to refined supplies, fair pay, and retrofitting initiatives that have an impact. So, HONEYCAT offers accessories that we can love for a lifetime and pass down to our younger generations.

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