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Humble Chic NY is a multi-channel private retail brand which specializes in womenswear and home decor. The company was founded by Daniella Baider Berkson from New York. Humble Chic NY is known for filling the gap between luxury and affordability. It is no surprise that this women-owned business is thriving on Amazon today.

Loads of fans love their vegan leather specialty wallets as it feels just like leather. Humble Chic NY also makes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, women’s clothes, accessories, and even home decor items like wall art! Check out their website for some current discounts available now.

Humble Chic NY – An Online Women’s Boutique With A Twist

It was a busy mom who came up with this women-owned business hence the name, “Humble” Chic NY. Daniella Berkson is the founder of this online boutique based on her love of fashion and stylish clothes. Though, to really make a difference, Berkson felt that she needed to make her clothing affordable.

She pointed out how she always sees the same styles in the malls and decided to create clothes herself. She says, “I’d always been a high-low shopper,” but she also mentioned, “I felt like there was really a void between luxury retailers and mass-market chains online,”.

Humble Chic NY Offers Online Personal Styling

Humble Chic separated themselves from the competition by creating a unique customer experience. They offer personal styling via online salesperson who is quite attentive. Now you can have a curated shopping experience online which is quite useful for women.

Again, we really want to stress how great quality the products are made. This truly provides a fashion look for a cheap price, in fact, Daniella wanted Humble Chic to attract budget friendly customers. Take a look at their products in the next section for more details.

Humble Chic NY Products

When shopping at Humble Chic NY, you will be delighted with the variety of their products. From vegan leather wallets to clothes and home decor, Humble Chic does it all. Starting with their prized vegan leather bags you can feel smooth synthetic material that feels like leather. Next, you have earrings and the rest can be accessible below!

Vegan Leather Wallets

Experience the true feeling of leather without causing death or pain. Humble Chic’s vegan wallets are made with a special blend of synthetic material. Some products include the wristlet, tablet clutch, and tote.


Try Humble Chic NY Earrings as they have a large selection. Types of earrings include Ear Crawlers & Jackets, Threaders & Hoops, Statement Earrings, Dangle Earrings, and Stud Earrings.


For necklaces, Humble Chic loves the minimalist approach to the craftsmanship. Many enjoy the pearls and delicate looking necklaces as they have amassed a ton of reviews.


Most of Humble Chic’s Bracelets are the bangle gemstone type. Offering color and beauty, their cuff bracelet looks powerful in silver.

Clothes & Accessories

In case you’re tired of wearing unstylish masks, Humble Chic has a line of cotton face masks for sale on Amazon. With a variety of colors, they also sell scarves and even blouses.

Home Decor (Wall Art)

Decorate your walls with beautiful wall art made by Humble Chic. From plants, to butterflies and oceans, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Shop Humble Chic NY On Amazon

Humble Chic has been a top seller women business on Amazon for quite a while now. Many reviews are positive and fans just love what the company curates! View some of the top products for Humble Chic NY below!

Humble Chic NY Review

After loads of reviews, you take notice that Humble Chic NY is about 2 things. Luxury mixed with affordability. This is spilled onto their products like jewelry, clothes, and even home decor. One might be inclined to purchase them on Amazon, while others prefer to browse the Humble Chic website for their selections. What do you guys think about this brand?

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