Of Earth and Ocean: A Graceful Jewelry Brand Inspired by Nature

Of Earth And Ocean Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, choosing minimalist pieces is worth the investment. Of Earth and Ocean jewelry evokes the sense of eternal style while fashion trends are quickly changing. Of Earth and Ocean sets sustainable standards and focuses on ethical production.

Efforts include using recycled and upcycled materials. Of Earth and Ocean will leave a sparkle in your wardrobe when looking for stylish eco-friendly pieces.

Of Earth and Ocean — Pottery, Jewelry, & Gifts Brand

In the seascapes of the Wellfleet in Cape Cod, Judith Stiles (CEO of Of Earth And Ocean) works on fine pottery with Georgie Kaolin. They use hand-mixed oxides to create vibrant ceramic glazing on functional forms. Fascinated by all of these subtle colors hidden on the surfaces of buildings in New York City, her painterly approach to ceramics reflects a broad palette of matte Earth tones and glass-like primary colors.

‘Of Earth And Ocean’ is most famous for handcrafted jewelry in their Wellfleet, Massachusets Studio. The high-quality and gracious products are endless in beauty, yet in their pottery, it all comes from an essential ingredient, mud.

In their studio for jewelry, they proceed to use metals like silver, copper, brass, sea glass, pearls, and other quality materials. Of Earth And Ocean emphasizes things like the stunning sea sunrise, the brilliant moonlight, and the stars in Cape Cod during a summer night. Their sea glasses convey the wondrous energies of the earth and the ocean.

Of Earth and Ocean Top Products

Of Earth And Ocean carries multiple kinds of products including the ones listed below.


The best minimalistic gemstone can be a single chain. Or add a few to guard your layered look.
Try the Link Sea Glass bead necklace, sparkling long link necklace, tricolor sunlight goddess necklace, sterling silver starfish necklace, orbit necklace, white coin pearl necklace, or Oceana Red Sea Glass Necklace. These top picks are under $30.


Minimalist earrings are small but graceful if they are reinterpreted sophisticatedly. Great Pond Earrings, Sky Blue Sea Glass Earrings, Ocean Waves Sea Glass Earrings, High Tide Hoop Earrings, Handmade Moonlight
Earrings are some you can just love.


Among the top products are bracelets which create a special feeling for women. Sea Glass Charm Starfish Bracelet, Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, Gold plated pearl charm bracelet, Love to Laugh Bracelet are some tremendous bracelets you would love to wear.

Buy Of Earth And Ocean On Amazon

You can buy Of Earth and Ocean jewelry on Amazon today for fast shipping! They have handmade pendants and earrings for sale on Amazon. View top products like the sunrise pendant and sterling silver earrings below.

Why shop Of Earth and Ocean?

Of Earth and Ocean’s magnificent ceramics and tremendous ideas are ever-evolving. The idea of portraying a vast universe through minimalist jewelry is not only distinctive but extraordinary. The team is continuously exploring product and process improvement opportunities; design, packaging, pricing, or the functionality of a product.

They also expanded the range of strict fashion gems, to include an increasing collection of their fan favorites in affordable fine gems. All work guarantees Earth and Ocean because they’ve always trusted 100% customer happiness.

Shop Women-Owned Jewelry like Of Earth and Ocean

Valerie Madison, an eponymous designer’s fine jewelry brand, was established in 2014. Madison has a degree in environmental science and wanted the design of jewelry to be environment-friendly.

Nowadays, this Studio in Seattle operates with materials, such as recycled gold and ethnic Canadian diamonds that are sustainable and responsible. This collection includes minimalist pieces besides custom engagement and wedding rings, we know you will love them.

Of Earth and Ocean Review

Of Earth And Ocean’s mission is pretty clear. Make the jewelry and products symbolize eternal things to bring happiness. Their products prove sustainable, exotic, fine, and worth every penny. Find out more about Of Earth And Ocean by visiting their website.

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