Skinny Dipped Almonds (Lemon, Chocolate, & More)

skinny dipped almonds banner with multiple flavors including lemon bliss

The famous chocolate covered almond & more snack business is women owned and continues to take strides. CEO Breezy Griffith and her mother is behind this products which are best-selling on Amazon. Skinny Dipped was founded in 2012 after the two were tragically affected by the passing of Josh.

After mourning the death of Josh of what came to be a rare sarcoma that ultimately left the two to make a decision to spend more time together. The mother daughter duo loved to make food and so decided to make a business out of it. The making of the famed skinny dipped almond took 2 years to perfect.

Skinny Dipped Top Products

Skinny Dipped started with almonds but they have now extended their line to a variety of snacks! Take a bite of each of their delicious products to find out why fans love this women owned chocolate brand. Below are a list of their top products and amazon pictures with details.

Skinny Dipped Almonds

Enjoy the famed Skinny Dipped almonds that emphasize on their almond size compared to competition. The women-owned candy business also uses less sugar, more protein and more real ingredients then chocolate counterparts. Choose from dark chocolate, sea sat, lemon bliss, and more on Amazon.

Skinny Dipped Cashews

These Skinny Dipped cashews are not like ordinary cashews. These cashews are non-gmo, contain plant protein, no stevia, gluten-free, and no sugar alcohols. Thus making the product not made from anything artificial. See the two most popular dipped cashews below; dark chocolate salted caramel and dark chocolate cocoa.

Skinny Dipped Peanuts

Unlike traditional chocolate covered peanuts, Skinny Dipped peanuts are super thin on the layer of milk chocolate. This gives more room for that peanut we all love and crave. Of course, there are more chocolate than you think but with half the sugar of other chocolate covered peanuts. View the top peanuts below on Amazon.

Skinny Dipped Bars

Try Skinny Dipped keto friendly snack bars that are fan favorites. With 3 grams of sugar per serving, the two most popular flavors can sweeten your taste. Take a look at their dark chocolate salted caramel bar or the dark chocolate almond sea salt bar. View below and shop Skinny Dipped Chocolate bars on Amazon.

Skinny Dipped Cups

Enjoy these delicious chocolate bars with lots more peanut butter that pack a great taste. These chocolate products are made with up to less than 75% sugar and they are NON-GMO on top of that. View the fan favorites below on the Amazon’s pictures with more details.

Skinny Dipped Review & Conclusion

It seems like Breezy and her family did a great job developing Skinny Dipped. All of their chocolate covered cups, peanuts, cashews, and more have shown the success of variety. Not only is this women-owned business dominating the Amazon snack store, but Skinny Dipped continues to compete with sugar against other big name brands.

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