Sweet Jules Gifts: A Women-Owned Candy Business

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For many reasons, people from an early age are drawn to candy. Some people like chocolate, others like something a bit more softly. Of course, almost everyone enjoys a bit of lollipop too.

In many cases, candy reminds adults of a time when they were children. A certain
taste or even smell can lure us into cravings. Sweet Jules Gift makes a very popular caramel that sells by the thousands!

Sweet Jules Gift – Perfect for Candy Lovers

In 2009, Jule and Hope launched their new female-owned business “Sweet Jules Caramels”. Sisters Jule Vranian and Hope Klocker are deeply involved with the business, adding their 50 years of professional cooking experience in the mix.

The food quality standards were high as the two grew up in the restaurant family. They learned at the beginning “cook what you cook with pride and quality”. While living with a family of expert chefs and hosting serious gourmet guests, Jule and Hope had no better teachers than the people around. The two also traveled across the world trying many authentic dishes.

Sweet Jules is available with skylift caramels and beautifully displayed those you never tasted before. They also offer excellent packaging to the Shop Caramel gifts. Their top products include the following amazing sweets.

Dark Chocolate Pecan

The International Chocolate Show is sweetened by Dark Chocolate Pecan! The 2019 Judge’s favorite, Best Packaging won a Gold Prize for Top Caramel.

Tropical Passion Caramel

Mixed with their rich buttery caramel, the Tropical Passion Caramel intensely includes a citrus flavor of their passion fruits. The Caramel is jazzed with French sea salt and lime zest.

Red Satin Box Assorted Caramels

Get luxurious elegant red boxes of satin! The eight of these assorted caramels include Fleur de Sel (sea salt), Jules of Paris (dark chocolate caramel topped with sea salt), Classic Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate, Pecan, Cafe Italiano (coffee caramel), Sicilian Orange, Bananas Foster, and Beer & Pretzel. Excellent!

Tower of Caramels

The most complete selection of caramels formed in a tower. All their eight signature flavors are presented in the large box. Flavors include Classic Vanilla Bean, Fleur de Sel, Jules of Paris, Dark Chocolate & Pecan, Beer & Pretzel, Sicilian Orange, Bananas Foster, and Cafe Italiano. Medium box contains the salted collection: Jules of Paris and Fleur de Sel. The small box is for you to decide.

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Why shop Sweet Jules?

Family & Female Enterprise

Sweet Jules believes that they can contribute positively to everyone by giving back to the communities in which they operate. As a familiar and managed company, they work with clients
the same way as thier employees to ensure that they achieve their full potential.

Management of Quality

Sweet Jules has turned quality production into processes that have a competitive advantage. They have implemented high-quality control measures to ensure consumers always experience a safe and quality product.

Another 50 Years

Sweet Jules has over 50 years of experience in contract manufacturing and knowledge of what their consumers want. They collaborate to meet the latest trends and discover new ingredients per customer request.

Shop Women-Owned Candy Business like “Sweet Jules Gifts”

Truly Good Foods offers high-quality mixes of snacks, newly-roasted nuts and seeds, dried fruit, and hundreds of bulk, candies, spices, and seeds packed snacks. Truly Good Foods is a family company of the second generation.

Jerry and Betty York founded the company in 1977 and is ran by their two daughters Carolyn Bennett, Angela Bauer, and John Bauer, their son-in-law. Combined with a wide array of products, their commitment to use the highest standards in raw materials emphasized the company’s core values of customer satisfaction, integrity, growth, and learning. Truly Good Foods is also a great woman-owned food brand.

Sweet Jules Review

In a nutshell, candy is not the healthiest food, but you should occasionally divulge yourself in these sweet treats. The caramels can reduce stress, increase happiness, and reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks with moderation. Sweet Jules can therefore be the best choice here when it comes to women-owned caramel businesses.

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