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the black home by neffi walker

Neffi Walker created an award-winning female-owned business called The Black Home. Making decor decisions helps give soul to your space, which is why most people fill up with pictures of people they love. For others, their home decor consists of memorabilia of trips and experiences.

Creating beauty from small touches is something The Black Home focuses on. CEO Neffi Walker enjoys helping homeowners achieve their full potential. How many different personalities your local store carries when it comes to home decor? Do any feel fitting to your culture?

Being an African American, Neffi found it her duty to incorporate black culture into her pieces. She wanted to put an end to a specific style of decorating your home.
Visit The Black Home to see what fits best with your family home.

The Black Home—Décor Perspective of Neffi Walker

The Black Home is Neffi Walker’s home design platform, who thinks that life should be beautifully designed with intention. Neffi Walker is the mother of five and a woman business owner, She is also a designer of The Black Home and has bridged the enviable gap in family, creativity, and company.

Neffi is often considered daring because many of her designs use dark tones as the focus. The minimalist design by Neffi Walker is known for its accentuating black walls, with pops of color and opulent gold mirrors. Essence, Blavity, Domino, Apartment Therapy, and her profound commitment to follow trends are marvelous.

The Black Home Services

  • The Candle Line: The Black Home indulges you in scents to compliment your space, featuring luxurious notes of amber, patchouli, neroli, and more.
  • Wallpapers: In collaboration with the artist and illustrator, Verna Fogg, Neffi Walker, owner of The Black Home and Celebrity Designer. Verna Fogg is an art architect based in Brooklyn who paints with oils, pastels, and mixed medium collage techniques in a semi-and abstract manner. They loved art and interior design with a strong visuality and were invited to create a wallpaper design that reminded them of Afro-Latin roots.
  • E-books: Tips and Tricks to Make your House a Home which breaks down how to design spaces in your home with confidence. This book helps bring out the inner interior designer in you and start those projects to bring more comfort and style into your place.
  • Design: It covers all things from lifestyle and design. Working with BEHR color trends, visual mashups of Caramel, Terracotta, and Clay, Changing a bedroom into an office place are some recommended works of Neffi.

Why Choose The Black Home?

The Black Home is an inspiring place to emphasize the black experience. Neffi Walker
understands the fear of Black about color and culture and creates a place in which black is celebrated in every way.

The Black Home is a communal collection of excellence, often creating platforms to showcase black chefs, artists, and other creative artists. With an exquisite eye for design and accurate implementation, this initiative captures audiences from all walks of life.

Shop women-owned home décor business-like “The Black Home”

The design world stopped when Zaha Hadid, who passed prematurely in March 2016, owned the female home decor company. With her fluid, spatially designs that stand all over the globe, the Iraq-born British architect captivated the mind.

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza and the Heydar Aliyev Center are notable projects—two spaces that show her incomparable attention to geometric lines. As a woman of many beginners, Hadid was the first (and the first) Iraqi woman to win the Pritzker Award and the first to be honored in architecture with the RIBA Royal Gold Medal.

The Black Home Review

There are many options for decorating your home to choose from for the new look of your home, so what are you doing? This can be a great opportunity to express your creativity and show your family and friends if you’re a very creative person.

Just think how great you’re going to feel! But if you do not have creativity, on the other hand, you could ask your friends or family. It can become a marvelous social project! However, especially if you choose Neffi Walker’s The Black Home, they add beautiful home decor items to your home and change your life positively!

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