Women Owned Businesses in Lombard, IL

Illinois now has over 450,000 women-owned businesses. Women entrepreneurs are steadily taking over the work environment with passion. Though it’s challenging to identify which companies in Lombard, IL are women-owned, I did compile a list of confirmed companies. These female-led establishments are popular in the city, so we recommend you visit!  It’s been proven thatContinue reading “Women Owned Businesses in Lombard, IL”

Women Owned Businesses In Illinois

If you’re looking for women owned businesses in Illinois you will enjoy reading this list. Women entrepreneurs with business ownership dreams are women of color. Highlighting women’s achievements is a priority for American Express, so they created a Top Women Owned Companies program to celebrate businesses run by women. Check out all of the TopContinue reading “Women Owned Businesses In Illinois”

AYR Jeans Review

All Year Round jeans has become a staple in the LA area. AYR’s mission is stated as creating confidence through their clothing. Their emphasis on ageless, timeless, and effortless feeling shows their fans true dedication. This women-owned clothing company has a small team but is continuing to expand. CEO founders Jac Cameron and Maggie WinterContinue reading “AYR Jeans Review”