Proactiv Reviews

Proactiv continues to deliver outstanding results from its skincare line. Proactiv products for acne work on sensitive skin and provide solutions to even the more severe cases. Their website features a 3 step system that’ll help you decide what’s right for you. Proactiv has over 4,000 reviews on their results page so that you canContinue reading “Proactiv Reviews”

Proactiv Review

When we hear Proactiv, we think about the commercials and store pop-ups. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields founded this skincare product. Proactiv is a women-owned skincare company that carries moisturizers, hair products, anti-acne kits, and more. With over $800 million a year, this brand spent a large portion on media. This included celebrity fees andContinue reading “Proactiv Review”