Women-Owned Bakery Hewn in Evanston, IL

In June 2013, a women-owned bakery named “Hewn” opened its doors in Evanston, IL. Ellen King and Julie Matthei mastered the art of bread, making enough to encapsulate a community. These co-owners were trained chefs who started out selling bread to customers under-the-table. After the pandemic, polar vortexes, and more, Hewn served its community.  Now,Continue reading “Women-Owned Bakery Hewn in Evanston, IL”

Brave and Kind Books

The famed ‘Brave and Kind’ bookshop in Decatur, Georgia is gaining loads of popularity with their books. Brave and Kind CEO Bunnie Hilliard curated a thoughtful collection of children book that brings diverse stories to light. Each book is set to inspire readers to have a sense of bravery and kindness every day! The BraveContinue reading “Brave and Kind Books”

2021 Women Who Mean Business Awards

The United Way of Acadiana made an announcement Friday that nominations are now open. The 2021 Women Who Mean Business Awards is set to extend their nominations to August 22, 2021. The women awards ceremony is scheduled to be held on October 13 at 6:00pm. The location of this special women’s award is at LeContinue reading “2021 Women Who Mean Business Awards”

A Talk With For Days CEO | Women Entrepreneurs

A new zero-waste clothing company is rising in popularity with being known for recycling everything. Kristy Caylor is the founder and CEO of “For Days” and many investors are impressed by the closed system. One of there methods is simply taking returns or extra clothing from customers and use the material for textiles and more.Continue reading “A Talk With For Days CEO | Women Entrepreneurs”

Grand Opening of GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center

Major news for business women in Omaha, Nebraska on Wednesday May 12th. Many organizations grouped together to support the new grand opening of Grow Nebraska Women’s Business Center. This women-focused center is located in the Village Empowerment Center on the Omaha Home for Boys campus. Resources offered by the center are for women entrepreneurs thatContinue reading “Grand Opening of GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center”

Why It Makes Sense To Invest In Women

Times are modernizing with the rise of women in business in the last decade. A recent study showed that 37 percent of all businesses worldwide are owned by women. Despite these incredible numbers, women are still paid on average 18% less than their male counterparts. Investing in women has proven to pay off especially businessesContinue reading “Why It Makes Sense To Invest In Women”