Kylie Cosmetics

Elevate your look with Kylie Cosmetics, which was founded in 2014. Coty, the parent company, has endorsed the famous Kardashian to begin her own line of products. Kyle Cosmetics specializes in lip kits, eyeshadow palettes, blush, bronzer, etc. Many fans recommend her lipstick as she offers beautiful colors.  Kylie Cosmetics also has new formulas thatContinue reading “Kylie Cosmetics”

Best Gifts for Women in 2022

Gifting ideas for your special women can be a daunting task. Women are known to have particular tastes when it comes to gifts. Whether you’re gifting a girlfriend, sister, mom, or coworker, we curated a list for you. You may find these women-friendly items at your local department store or Amazon.  1. Jewelry Jewelry isContinue reading “Best Gifts for Women in 2022”

Top Handguns for Women

What is the best firearm for females? An excellent introductory gun for women must be light, small, and powerful. Though all firearms can work for any female, it’s best to start with these recommendations.  There are several factors to consider before buying your first gun. One of the first factors is whether or not you’veContinue reading “Top Handguns for Women”

The Best Perfumes for Women in 2022

Find out the best perfumes for women in 2022 by reading our recommendations. As we change seasons it’s always refreshing to find new scents you never thought existed. These top performing perfumes and fragrances continue to stand the test of time, while other newer brands also take their share. Experience each perfume listed below toContinue reading “The Best Perfumes for Women in 2022”

8 Powerful Habits of Successful Women

Measuring success may be challenging, but one thing that remains the same is the habits. There are some habits of successful women you can adopt into your routine. Our focus for this article is femininity and self-development.  Mindset A successful woman starts her day off with a positive mindset. A positive mindset is crucial becauseContinue reading “8 Powerful Habits of Successful Women”

Melt Fit Leggings

Assuming you haven’t known about Melt fit yet, it’s an ideal opportunity to get to know the athleisure brand since it will undoubtedly explode in fame, exclusively on the way that it currently has Oprah’s blessing. Situated in Detroit, dark claimed Melt fit is under the authority of organizer and CEO Ashley Garner. It hasContinue reading “Melt Fit Leggings”

Small Business Grants for Women in 2021

Small business grants for women have increased year over year in the US. Every business woman aims to make a profit, but can you earn a profit without starting capital? As an entrepreneur, raising a starting capital to start a business is unquestionably a big part of the process. To empower women as business ownersContinue reading “Small Business Grants for Women in 2021”

Women Owned Businesses In Illinois

If you’re looking for women owned businesses in Illinois you will enjoy reading this list. Women entrepreneurs with business ownership dreams are women of color. Highlighting women’s achievements is a priority for American Express, so they created a Top Women Owned Companies program to celebrate businesses run by women. Check out all of the TopContinue reading “Women Owned Businesses In Illinois”

54kibo Review

Many people have reviewed 54kibo and find them to be a pillar of culture in the African community. CEO & Founder Nana Quagraine built 54kibo to express the beauty of African home design and decor. Contemporary African design has inspire many top interior designers around the world. Nana Quagraine was raised in South Africa thenContinue reading “54kibo Review”

Briogeo Lightweight Hair Care Products

A women owned hair care business that is taking the reins is Briogeo. One of the top selling hair care brands in Sephora is ran by a woman named Nancy Twine. Briogeo makes lightweight hair care products that includes; shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, supplements, finishing, brushes, and more. Nancy’s meaning of the word Biogeo isContinue reading “Briogeo Lightweight Hair Care Products”