Women Owned Businesses in Springfield, IL

Enjoy visiting women owned businesses in the beautiful city of Springfield, IL. This town is the Illinois state capital and features a large population of female entrepreneurs. Since there’s no directory for women-owned businesses, we’ve created a list of restaurants that delight any visitor. Supporting small companies is beneficial to the economy and builds aContinue reading “Women Owned Businesses in Springfield, IL”

Women Owned Businesses in Rockford, IL

Support women owned businesses in Rockford, IL, by dining and using services listed in our guide. We’ve searched through many Google locations that identify as women-led and picked out the top-rated places in the city. Empowering female entrepreneurs is vital because it’s been statistically proven that this will help communities. Whether dining at a restaurant,Continue reading “Women Owned Businesses in Rockford, IL”

Women Owned Businesses in Wheeling, IL

Enjoy drinks and shop at women owned businesses in Wheeling, IL. Located in Cook country, this village is home to more than 35,000 people. Wheeling is known for their nurseries and crafted meals. Find female-led service establishments which will empower the local community. Make sure you visit Spears, Cabra, and more women owned restaurants inContinue reading “Women Owned Businesses in Wheeling, IL”

Birdy Grey Dresses Review

Birdy Grey is a women-owned bridal company that specializes in affordable dresses. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look beautiful on your special day. Many young women stress over the cost of their weddings, and this is where Birdy saw an opportunity. Grace Lee and Monica Ashaur founded Birdy Grey out of necessity,Continue reading “Birdy Grey Dresses Review”

Ruggable Rugs Review

Ruggable Rugs are a women-owned company that offers unique washable features. Each rug comes as a two-piece system with a removable rug cover and a cushioned pad. No longer will you need to worry about stains, mishaps, and more. Throw your Ruggable rug into the washer, and that’s it!   Shop through different textures like chenille,Continue reading “Ruggable Rugs Review”

Build A Bear Near Me

Experience the joy of creating your stuffed animal at the Build-A-Bear Workshop. This kids’ toy shop is a family favorite and is available across all the states in the U.S. Build-A-Bear features over 300 cute stuffed characters: Pokemon, animals, axolotls, and more.  You may even style your stuffed character with clothes available at each workshop.Continue reading “Build A Bear Near Me”

Women Owned Businesses in Lombard, IL

Illinois now has over 450,000 women-owned businesses. Women entrepreneurs are steadily taking over the work environment with passion. Though it’s challenging to identify which companies in Lombard, IL are women-owned, I did compile a list of confirmed companies. These female-led establishments are popular in the city, so we recommend you visit!  It’s been proven thatContinue reading “Women Owned Businesses in Lombard, IL”

LOMA Review

LOMA is a top natural aroma product company focusing on hair care, body lotions, etc. Many users enjoy smelling natural-scented ingredients without even noticing. LOMA’s reviews are always positive, and it’s important to note that the company partners with environmentally-conscious manufacturers. Their products involve hair care, body, candles, cleaners, etc.  LOMA is a famous brandContinue reading “LOMA Review”

21 Seeds Tequila Review

21 Seeds Tequila is the perfect way to spike your drinks at a party. You can find 21 Seeds Tequila at most retail stores like Whole Foods and Sam’s Club. Kat Hantas is the founder and CEO of this tequila-making company. Being a women-owned business, Kat understands the odds against her and uses them toContinue reading “21 Seeds Tequila Review”

Pepperidge Farm Review

Pepperidge Farm, the maker of Goldfish, has a solid maternal history that’s worth knowing. Margaret Rudkin founded the American commercial bakery in 1937. Pepperidge comes from a tree in their 100+ acre farm in Fairfield, Connecticut. Creating a business during the Great Depression was no easy task, but Margaret had no choice since her sonContinue reading “Pepperidge Farm Review”