21 Seeds Tequila Review

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21 Seeds Tequila is the perfect way to spike your drinks at a party. You can find 21 Seeds Tequila at most retail stores like Whole Foods and Sam’s Club. Kat Hantas is the founder and CEO of this tequila-making company. Being a women-owned business, Kat understands the odds against her and uses them to fuel her passion.

What makes 21 Seeds Tequila unique is its distilling process. There’s a custom refrigeration system at play while making these drinks. 21 Seeds Tequila uses all-natural ingredients, and each fruit is handpicked when it comes to infusing. Their most popular tequila flavors include cucumbers, jalapenos, oranges, and grapefruit. 

21 Seeds Tequila Grapefruit Hibiscus with a pink background

21 Seeds Tequilas

21 Seeds Tequila is handpicked and crafted to perfect flavors and taste. The women-owned company only uses the ripest fruits in the area. 21 Seeds Tequila sources its products from Jalisco, Mexico. Consumers even comment on the smell of the tequilas and how pleasant it is! 

Right now, 21 Seeds Tequila lineup includes the following:

  • Valencia Orange
  • Grapefruit Hibiscus 
  • Cucumber Jalapeno

21 Seeds Jalapeno Tequila

One of the most popular items from 21 Seeds is their Cucumber Jalapeno Tequila. This particular flavor was Best in Category at Beverage Tasting Institute. 21 Seeds Cucumber Jalapeno is infused with natural fruit and botanicals. Many drinkers say the taste is bright, crisp, and features a spicy finish. I enjoy jalapeno tequila and especially if it’s in a margarita. 

21 Seeds Tequila lineup featuring orange, jalapeno, and hibiscus flavor

21 Seeds Cocktails

A remarkable feature of 21 Seed’s website is its cocktail recipes. Sometimes it can take over 15 minutes to find a tequila recipe online, but 21 Seeds has already published its own. From their signature skinny seed spicy margarita to their Jalisco mule, 21 Seeds has plenty for you to choose. My favorite cocktail recipe from the tequila brand is their Skinnyseed paloma. 

21 Seeds Tequila Story & Team

21 Seeds Its founder Kat currently runs tequila and two other female leaders. Sarika is CPO for 21 Seeds Tequila and serves as an innovator for the company. Nicola is holding the CFO position and is the sister of Kat Hantas. It’s also safe to say that they like to drink tequila while sharing stories about the company’s making. 

Kat and her friends always seemed to make mixed drinks during their parties. Eventually, many friends started asking for those mixed drinks, and sales were happening the next thing you knew! It was said that Kat, Nicole, and Sarika talked about all the possibilities when creating 21 Seeds Tequila. One of the things that I admire most about this brand is its passion for female opportunities. 21 Seeds expand across borders and help other countries develop while treating their workers right.  

21 Seeds Tequila Near Me

21 Seeds Tequila is all over the US and even has some locations in Hawaii. You’ll likely see the tequila in the liquor aisle if you’re near a Whole Foods Market. You’ll be surprised to find the women-owned brand in your local store. For more information on locations that have 21 Seeds Tequila, check out their¬†website.¬†

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