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54kibo is one of the most popular African furniture companies in the United States. The women-owned home décor brand sells contemporary-style products. All these designs are inspired by African culture, which emphasizes vibrant colors. Many interior designers love 54kibo’s rugs, lighting, decor, and furniture. 

Nana Quagraine is the founder of 54kibo and has been running the company with a small team of women. Much of the home decor brand’s inspiration comes from Nana’s grassroots located in Ghana, South Africa. After coming up with contemporary African design, 54kibo was formed. 

54kibo african furniture green chair and ottoman

During an interview, she talks about her upbringing, “After the birth of our twins, my husband and I hosted a Ghanaian Naming Ceremony in Brooklyn, New York; a day filled with love and the beauty of my culture. This day inspired me and created a sense of urgency to build 54kibo, to share the beauty of the African diaspora with my children and the world.”

54kibo African Tables

Celebrate Ghana culture by purchasing an African table from 54kibo. Their accent tables feature a contemporary aesthetic look that many homeowners love. These tables are handcrafted to perfection, and 54kibo’s cedarwood tables are durable and water-resistant. My favorite African furniture table by 54kibo is the ‘Walking Black Wood Bench”. This particular table is hand-carved in Ghana and painted black for a unique look. 

54kibo african furniture natural wood table

The DJEMBE Natural Drum Side Table is another beautiful and more photogenic table from 54kibo. The recent waves along the sides fit well in any room. Are you looking for a clean indoor accent table? Take a look at Labadi Black Indoor Wood Bench! 54kibo’s has a variety of tables to choose from, and many will feel inspired as they shop. 

54kibo African Ottomans

Featuring African textiles, 54kibo’s Ottomans stand out in your home. Shop luxe ottomans on 54kibo’s website for a large selection. Spruce up your interior with a leaf pattern copper pink pouf or a milo cameo ivory white velvet ottoman! This particular kind of furniture makes it easy to customize any room. 54kibo makes African ottomans by hand using high-quality fabrics for women in Nigeria by master weavers. That’s when you know you have an authentic product, and the techniques used are centuries old. 

54kibo african furniture blue pouf

54kibo African Chairs

54kibo African Chairs are a luxury that many can now experience. The sodas offer iconic modern seating, and your guests will thank you. Made with Nigeria Yoruba fabric, 54kibo’s African Chairs feature quality cushions that are built to last. Add more African aesthetics to your home with their beautiful Milo Moss Green Velvet Armchair. Purchase the matching soda along with your African chairs. 

54kibo African Furniture Prices

To experience the luxury of 54kibo furniture, you must first purchase through their website. Pricing for 54kibo African furniture ranges from $348to $9350. For example, the Labadi Natural Wood Accent Table costs $598 and may come in black. Djembe Drum Side Tables are around $348, while their black wood bench costs $598. 54kibo’s poufs start about $468 and go up to $558. If you’re looking to buy a luxury chair, the Milo Cranberry Red Velvet Armchair is $4,250. For more information, visit their store and receive free U.S. shipping. 

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