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The story behind Kikkoman is filled with culture and history. This woman-owned company started making soy sauce more than 300 years ago. Now, Kikkoman is the #1 top-selling soy sauce brand globally. The founder of Kikkoman is Shige Maki, who is a wife of a samurai warrior who escaped Oska. Shige brewed shoyu (soy sauce) with her son, and it became a family tradition over time. 

Kikkoman is known to create a story behind its brand. Many companies choose to market their product efficiently, but Kikkoman focuses on the meaning behind the craft. Learn more about the women-owned company below.

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What is Soy Sauce?

First, we must understand where exactly soy sauce comes from. Though the history of soy sauce extends hundreds of years, it’s only made out of 4 ingredients. You can make soy sauce with water, soybeans, wheat, and salt. The process is simple; once the ingredients start fermenting, you must mix with a saltwater brine. After doing this, Kikkoman can introduce flavor, aroma, and color. 

Brewed vs. Non-Brewed Soy Sauce

It’s important to note that there are different ways to make soy sauce; non-brewed and brewed. In recent times, we have made our soy sauces chemically hydrolyzed. This helps speed up the process but can damage the quality. That’s why Kikkoman brews their soy sauce using traditional methods to accomplish a rich, mellow flavor. 

Kikkoman Soy Sauce Products

Kikkoman is known for its soy sauces, but many other great products are also known. If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, you are likely familiar with Kikkoman one way or another. In their entire product line-up, you’ll be able to browse through different flavors and order online. Intensify your green frittata entree with a gluten-free tamari soy sauce! 

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Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauces

The original Teriyaki flavor that we know today is mainly due to Kikkoman. Introduced over 50 years ago, this special sauce is used in my dishes like chicken casserole, kabobs, and more. Some of Kikkoman’s Teriyaki Sauces include roasted garlic, gourmet, 50% less sodium, gluten-free, sweet, and more. 

Kikkoman Cooking Sauces

If you’re a stay-at-home chef like me, you will benefit from Kikkoman cooking sauces. Improve the flavor of your stir-fry with Kikkoman’s special non-preservative sauce. Make chicken with Kikkoman’s sweet & sour sauce or pour some hoisin over beef. 

Kikkoman Seasoning & Soup Mixes

Sometimes we don’t have the time to make a gourmet meal, so trust in Kikkoman soup mixes. Try out Kikkoman seasonings to add unique flavor to your entrees. Everyone will commend you for your taste, and you’ll be glad you bought a marinade mix for your meat. Don’t have time to make Tandoori flavor? Purchase the Tandoori chicken mix on the Kikkoman website today! 

Kikkoman Conclusion 

Kikkoman has proven its worth from a powerful woman to a company with a legacy. After explaining their variety of products, you’re sure to find a favorite. Purchase and use their sauces, seasonings, and more from their website today!

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