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Pepperidge Farm, the maker of Goldfish, has a solid maternal history that’s worth knowing. Margaret Rudkin founded the American commercial bakery in 1937. Pepperidge comes from a tree in their 100+ acre farm in Fairfield, Connecticut. Creating a business during the Great Depression was no easy task, but Margaret had no choice since her son was ill from severe allergies and asthma. 

Pepperidge Farm started as a remedy that the founder used for her sick son, and Margaret baked him whole wheat bread with vitamins that’ll help his allergies from commercially processed foods. It’s this reason why Pepperidge Farm is an inspiring women-owned origin. 

Below, we will review some of Pepperidge Farm’s most popular products. 

Goldfish Crackers

We’ve all seen Goldfish crackers in the store, but how much do they make? It turns out that Pepperidge Farms produces over 150 billion Goldfish crackers each year. This perfect theater snack is baked with whole grain, real cheese, and no preservatives. Have some fun while eating the classic Goldfish colors crackers or regular cheddar. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, try the whole grain Goldfish crackers. 

pepperidge farm goldfish crackers on a table

I would recommend the Flavor Blasted Goldfish crackers for those looking for a punch. Regardless, you will be sure to find a Goldfish product that suits your tastebuds. Goldfish’s new products include Mix, Grahams, and special limited editions. 

Pepperidge Farm Bread

Enhance your sandwich experience with Pepperidge Farm bread. This women-owned company uses the freshest ingredients. There’s a large variety of bread you can choose from, including rye, hearty white, 15 grain, and more. 

Having butter with sweet bread is a must-do in the morning if you’re like me. Pepperidge Farm Breakfast Breads do the trick, and you can experiment with raisin cinnamon! Are you looking for buns instead? No problem, check out their buns & rolls for quality products. I enjoy Pepperidge Farm’s frozen bread the best, easy to heat and ready to go! 

Pepperidge Farm Cookies

The Pepperidge Farm Cookies are a delicacy when it comes to sweets. Take your pastry experience to the next level with Farmhouse Cookies. Baked with passion, the quality of ingredients proves its worth. Pepperidge uses real chocolate rich in flavor to create its most popular cookies. Others may prefer a crisper cookie, thus leading to Milano cookies. 

pepperidge farm milano milk cookies

Nothing beats dunking a delicious cookie into a glass of milk. I recommend trying the Pepperidge Farm chunk cookies when it comes to milk. There are many options to choose from, like Sausalito or Soft-Baked Santa Cruz Oatmeal Raisin. 

Pepperidge Farm Conclusion

From pastries and cookies to baked crackers, Pepperidge Farm does not fail. This women-owned company shows how motherly qualities can inspire the industry. Try their pastries or a Farmhouse cookie; they’re delicious! If you’re thinking about trying a new brand for bread, try Pepperidge Farm’s breakfast bread! After trying a large selection of the bakery’s products, I’ve concluded that Pepperidge Farm is a quality company. Learn more information about Pepperidge Farms on their¬†website.¬†

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