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When we hear Proactiv, we think about the commercials and store pop-ups. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields founded this skincare product. Proactiv is a women-owned skincare company that carries moisturizers, hair products, anti-acne kits, and more. With over $800 million a year, this brand spent a large portion on media. This included celebrity fees and marketing. 

What made Proactiv unique was its subscription service. This skincare subscription provided a three-month supply of products. Although everyone’s skin is different, Proactiv is effective on most types. It’s important to note that founder Katie and Kathy were Dermatologists who met at Stanford.  

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Proactiv uses the power of consultants to push their products. Rodan has said, “Some like the stay-at-home flexibility. Then, some Consultants use this opportunity to build their own business and an extensive team. Our Consultants choose how much time and resources to invest in their businesses.”

Proactiv Routines

When choosing Proactiv, you are eligible for their routine 3-piece system. Each routine is designed to cater to specific skin types for acne. Proactiv’s routine builder options include Proactiv Solution, Proactiv+, and ProactivMD. Proactiv Solution is best for most skin types, so if you’re new, choose this one! Proactiv+ is for people who have sensitive skin. And those with more severe acne should try ProactivMD.  

After choosing your Proactiv skincare product, you must select your subscription size. The options are 90 days or 30 days, paired with a gift! Some add-ons for your routine include Oil Control Due and Daily Sunscreen. Usually, the cost for this Proactiv package will be around $35-45. 

Proactiv Reviews & Testimonials

Trusting a skincare brand can be difficult; that’s why Proactiv works hard to provide genuine product reviews. You can view the various testimonials of this women-owned skincare business on their website. Although results may vary, many reviews online shed light on Proactiv benefits. Rachel Nazarian describes Proactiv as “Tough on breakouts, gentle on your skin.” 

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Proactiv Retinization

Proactiv takes good care of its products, but it’s essential to know how it could affect your skin. Rentinization is common with many acne-related products. Retinization is the period where your skin adjusts to a retinoid. This may cause your skin to become irritated, leading to dryness, redness, and stinging. Though the symptoms only last two weeks, some experience more side effects. To aid retinization irritation, use a non-medicated moisturize to relieve symptoms.  

Proactiv System Guide

If this is your first time trying skincare products, use Proactiv’s quick start guide for help. This women-owned business provides a week-by-week guide for your first six weeks using their products. Some may start noticing improvements during week one with the Adapalene gel. On week two, you are likely to see a reduction in acne. Week three may include some dryness, or your acne can continue to clear. During weeks 4 through 6, you start to see true results. 

Whether you’re looking for short-term use or a long-term fix, Proactiv is proven to work. Do you have some experience with Proactiv? Comment below and share your thoughts! 

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