Uncle Nearest Whiskey Review

Uncle Nearest is a unique whiskey brand that incorporates their history from how the company started. Whiskey is known for their barrel aging process and many are true fans. Uncle Nearest has popularized over the years and their detail to ingredients make them a best-seller. Perfecting the process of combining ingredients like corn, barley, wheat, and rye.

The consumption of whiskey is increasing each year and it’s not likely that it’ll slow. During the early 1800s, Americans drank whiskey with every meal. Of course, this was before the American revolution where times were less industrialized. In fact, the Midwest was partly responsible for this intake of whiskey due to an increase of supply for corn.

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Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

Uncle Nearest Whiskey CEO is Fawm Weaver, she has led her team to success in their brand. Uncle Nearest also purchased a large 313 acre land called “Dan Call Farm”. This is where the story of Uncle Nearest began. In Shelbyville, Tennessee, you can visit the distillery in their large 270 acre farm. There you will learn the history of Uncle Nearest and how he transformed the whiskey making process.

Before we dive in, it is important to note that Uncle Nearest Whiskey donates and funds restoration in multiple areas. Included in these areas is the cemetery where Nathan Green (Founder of Uncle Nearest) is buried. Nathan Green is commonly known as “Nearest Green” and he helped the famous brand Jack Daniels in their whiskey process.

uncle nearest 1856 whiskey and 1884 small batch

Did Nathan Green Help Jack Daniels?

Though Jack Daniels do not talk about Nathan, it is well documented in history that he was a part of Jack’s whiskey upbringing. This fact is supported by many online resources including the New York Times. Nathan Green was a black slave who was a master in distilling. Nathan caught the attention of many travelers in nearby areas.

Thanks to CEO Fawm Weaver, the Jack Daniels brand has now recognized Nathen Green and his contributions. Even the Jack Daniels visiting center has a permanent display for the whiskey artist. Fawm’s research and efforts made his name shine and now she is growing the Uncle Nearest brand.

The Lincoln County Process

The Lincoln County Whiskey Process is what Nathen innovated and showed Jack Daniels. The Tennessee whiskey process involves filtering the whiskey through charcoaled maple sugar wood. Nathen’s technique was likely passed down from his West Africa roots. In West Africa, they would purify water with charcoal. Uncle Nearest is said to be the first black master distiller, a founder of Tennessee whiskey.

lincoln county process charcoal sugar wood

Nearest Green Foundation

Many are pleased to know that Nathen Green now has a foundation. Learn more about Nearest Green Foundation on their website. Uncle Nearest Whiskey funded this foundation and you can view how this African-Owned whiskey brand started. You can view a beautifully-shot video narrated by Emmy-Award wining actor, Jeffrey Wright, below.

Jeffrey talks about Nathan’s history and how he worked on a farm in 1800s as a slave. A preacher owned the farm, and Nathan would work in his distillery. After some time, Nearest Green would take a young boy under his wing and teach him everything he knew. Later as the years go by, the boy starts to sell his own whiskey and made enough money to buy the preacher’s distillery.

The young man than hired Nearest Green to be his first master distiller. Later as slavery ended, Nathan’s family became recognized as well known founders of Tennessee whiskey. Nearest Green legacy still thrives today and you can buy their whiskey today!

You may view their available scholarships and opportunities below.

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Uncle Nearest 1820 Single Barrel Whiskey

Uncle Nearest’s single barrel whiskey is their oldest bottle with 115.1 Proof. The whiskey’s ABV is 57.55% and is aged for 11 years. This single barrel whiskey is rare considering that less than 1% of the barrels are chosen for this batch. Below are some specifications for the nose, taste, finish and more.


You can lightly smell the alcohol, grain, and oak.


Maple syrup, spearmint, and a hint of black pepper. Light oak.


Vanilla and sweet spices linger on lounge, minimal burn.

Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Aged Whiskey

Uncle Nearest 1856 whiskey is a premium aged liquor that blends multiple aged whiskies together. You can certainly smell the sweet pumpkin seeds, caramel corn and more on the nose. This whiskey is known to start bold but mellow into sweet flavors.


Floral, Citrus orange with a bit of alcohol.


Loads of vanilla sweet flavors. Easy to drink, maple taste.


Some burn, will remain on your tongue for longer.

Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey

The 1884 Uncle Nearest small batch whiskey comes from a variety of barrels that are chosen in small batches. These bottles are chosen by the 5th generation of Nathan Green’s family. The Uncle Nearest descendant, Victoria Butler, is a master blender.


Honey, some white pepper, and sweet corn.


Smooth with a slight mint flavor, great!


Does not linger, smooth and short, more burn.

Uncle Nearest Whiskey Review Conclusion

Uncle Nearest whiskey continues to play a major role in the making of Tennessee liquor. From being a black slave, to a master distiller, Uncle Nearest prides itself in its unique techniques. Overall, this whiskey brand is pushing higher limits and is showcasing to America, what a true black owned business looks like. Read our earlier review about this women owned whiskey brand.

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