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for days clothing crew with kristy caylor

A new zero-waste clothing company is rising in popularity with being known for recycling everything. Kristy Caylor is the founder and CEO of “For Days” and many investors are impressed by the closed system. One of there methods is simply taking returns or extra clothing from customers and use the material for textiles and more.

Caylor is no stranger when it comes to creating and building a clothing company. Her first company was named ‘Maiyet’ which sold luxurious pieces. It is clear now that her focus is sustainable fashion as she quotes the following, “We couldn’t just go out and copy someone else, or borrow something that had already been created. We had to build everything to support this process — designing products in the most sustainable way, creating a customer experience that made it easy, building infrastructure to take the stuff and make sure it gets to the right next spot, and doing it in a way that’s affordable for the customer.”

How The Pandemic Affected The Fashion Industry

In an interview with TMRW, Kristy Caylor answered a question in regards to how the pandemic affected fashion. She says, “When you go through mass fear about health and safety, you start to think about your priorities, and I do think sustainability has emerged as a very important topic for many people. So in some ways, that’s been a silver lining. I also think, just plainly, we’ve all been sitting in our homes and we’re looking around at all the stuff we have, and asking ourselves, what is all this?”

Secret To Being A Successful Women Entrepreneur

When asked about what it takes to be successful, Kristy Caylor replies, “It’s having a really strong vision and sticking to it, and knowing the path to getting there is not going to be what you expected. And being very resilient, very gritty. Asking for advice and help when you need it, which is sometimes very difficult for female entrepreneurs, but something I’ve learned to be better about. Build a strong support system, because you’re going to need it, and don’t be afraid to lean on it.”

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