Atlantic Record Exec Talks About Women In The Music Industry

dorothy carvello

Dorothy Carvello is a former Atlantic Record A&R executive that has an audacious plan. The Country music mogul is releasing a new book that exposes the ugly sexist side of the music industry. The classic book “Anything for a Hit” is set to have explicit content on the use of drugs and sex not only by artists but by executives as well.

“Sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll weren’t limited to the artists” says Dorothy Carvello. The executive was even denied office supplies while the top executives were spending money on prostitutes after a convention. She says, “They said they didn’t have enough money for a pen. But at the WEA convention that year, they had enough cash in the safe to hire hookers for all the execs.”

Dorothy also worked for Sony Music where she faced much sexual harassment in the Music Industry. In her debut book she explains the horrors of “sexual payola” in the music industry in which the artist will have sex with the record executives for deals. She shares these stories and possible solutions to all women looking to work in the music industry.

Dorothy Carvello Talks Insider Secrets On Michael Jackson

With a new novel following her first book, Dorothy mentions insider information on the actions of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Steven Tyler, and more. In this book, she focuses on the current landscape of the Country Music business. Carvello says, “Nashville is a hot market, but it’s a good ol’ boys network. They don’t want to let anyone else in, but they have to, because the business is getting bigger.”

Dorothy also states, “I am going to expose the hypocrites in the music business and start outing these people. It’s a closed community. They’ve been running the show for years, and there are no women running record companies. Everyone goes along with racism and misogyny. They do whatever they want to do.”

After finishing her work she plans on finding publishers to release this text. This is not the first time a women artist comes out of the music industry to explain the harassment that goes on behind the scenes. Has anyone read Dorothy’s debut book? Let us know what you think!

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