Black Women-Owned Skincare Business Soars During COVID

mielle organics ceo Monique Rodriguez

While many businesses are suffering during the pandemic, this black women owned skincare business is thriving. Monique Rodriguez is the CEO of Mielle Organics, a skin and hair care company. The founder uses natural ingredients to make her products for multicultural consumers.

After spending 9 years as a registered nurse, Rodriguez started Mielle Organics in 2014. Now her skincare products are being sold around 87 countries. This certainly smashes black women business stereotype which is that 8 out of 10 black owned businesses fail within the first 18 months.

On the other hand, since January 2020, Mielle Organics surged 400% growth in revenue. This new increase funded more employees which grew to over 40. Although it can be quite hectic at times during business, nothing is as hard as her personal troubles.

Mielle Organics Story

For CEO of Mielle Organics, Rodriguez was inspired to make the company after her tragic loss as a mother. Her infant son passed away and left Monique wondering about her purpose. She shared and mourned with her social media following, which in turn built a community.

What started as a loss built a close knit community of mothers who experienced loss. After having a passion for natural skincare products, Mielle Organics was born and more hair care products were released. After being asked to explain her company, Monique says, “Mielle Organics is a hair care and beauty brand that believes healthier ingredients encourage healthier hair and skin. As a result, our products and company provide healthier solutions for many men and women with kinkier and curlier hair,” 

After being asked about how the pandemic affected the business she responded, “When the pandemic affected those opportunities, we pivoted to connecting with our audience on social media, activating small business giveaways, and helping those who fell on hard times during the pandemic.”

Mielle Organics on Amazon

You may find the popular black women owned skincare business on Amazon. Search Mielle Organics hair and skin products using the trusted website and deliver it fast to your home. Some of the top products from Mielle Organics on Amazon are listed below.

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