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The famed ‘Brave and Kind’ bookshop in Decatur, Georgia is gaining loads of popularity with their books. Brave and Kind CEO Bunnie Hilliard curated a thoughtful collection of children book that brings diverse stories to light. Each book is set to inspire readers to have a sense of bravery and kindness every day!

The Brave + Kind Bookshop hosts bilingual story times for the youth in the neighborhood. All are welcome to join the Georgia’s bookshop book club for the youth! They also hosts a number of writers workshops that motivate creativity. The bookshop is located at 722 W. College Ave, Decatur, GA 300031.

While Amazon continues to take control of the book market, many independent bookstores like Brave and Kind Bookshops are changing their business. This resulted in a community driven ambition to hold tight to the books from this bookshop. The tangible books make the children feel special and more customers join in to support. Now, Brave + Kind bookshop is a must visit for travelers nearby.

Bunnie Hilliard CEO of Brave + Kind Bookshop

Bunnie Hilliard has successfully accomplished a lot of things for her bookshop. Brave + Kind are now 3 years in business with a greater vision for the future. Owner Bunnie Hilliard admits the beginning of the shop wasn’t the best, but after adding more programs and events things started to turn around.

Nowadays the community is so strong that each event is packed with lively children and their families. Though Bunnie did not have a lot of retail experience, she certainly has a passion for books and inspiration. This women entrepreneur celebrates her busiest season of children books in December with her customers.

The story behind Brave and Kind Bookshop started when Bunnie became a mother. Hilliard does admit earlier on that she was not a bookworm. But she was inspired by a movie called You’ve Got Mail, which featured a woman lead role as a bookshop owner. After obtaining a degree from Florida A&M University, Bunnie set out to work in cooperate banks. Then Bunnie became pregnant and remained at home with her children.

She says, “I really delved into children’s literature once I became a parent and wanting to read more books to my own kids, I stayed at home raising my kids for a bit; then there came a time when I was figuring out the next chapter of my life. I knew I didn’t want to go back into corporate America, so I thought about what I would do if I didn’t think I could fail.”

We’re excited to see what Bunnie Hilliard has in stored for Brave and Kind Books, Visit their bookshop below.

Brave + Kind Books Subscription

You may also get a subscription from Brave and Kind Books on their website. They feature 3 subscriptions services that target different ages from 0-7 and up. The first subscription are 6-12 board books named littleLIT. The second subscription is named BigKidLit that are picture books for 4-7 years of age. The last is called non-fiction fanatics for ages 7 and up.

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