Kamala Harris Puts Focus On Women Businesses

Vice President Kamala Harris Speaking

Our Vice President, Kamala Harris, recently went on public record to advocate for a new focus on government help. This government assistance would provide help to women owned businesses. It is clear the effects of COVID destroyed many businesses and Harris believes its time for a recovery plan.

More attention has been on women entrepreneurs and their businesses despite many women being forced to return home to take care of their children. Though this is unfortunate news for some, mothers have been starting businesses at home and flourishing online. More businesses are being founded and registered by women post-pandemic according to a recent study.

Kamala Harris smiling while speaking

In Kamala’s latest dialogue, she talks about women discrimination in banks and capital firms. She says, “This is a familiar story. Traditional banks and venture capital firms have not always seen the vision of women entrepreneurs and those of color,” She continued, “Community lenders, on the other hand, were founded to see that vision. Community lenders understand the value in providing access to capital in communities of color and low-income communities—and because they do, they add value to those communities and our country.” 

1 in 3 Small Businesses Closed Due To Pandemic

Harris stated a statistic that has shaken the entrepreneur fabric of the United States economy. She says, “exposed the flaws and the fissures and 1 in 2 small businesses have been forced to close”. This information came from Harris during an email exchange with Forbes.

“Today, our nation must reimagine our economy, so that every American entrepreneur can launch and grow an enterprise,” Harris wrote. “It is in this reimagining that we will remain competitive — and come out of this pandemic stronger than before.” 

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