Labor Secretary Urges Women To Return To Work

marty walsh secretary of labor

It is no secret that a full economic recovery may be months or years away. The pandemic forced many women out of their jobs to take care of their children. Since schooling is now performed at home, millions of women left their work to help their kids with school.

In April 2021, U.S. employers added 266,000 jobs, missing the 1 million expectation. Despite other signs of recovery like businesses reopening, unemployment claims falling, and increased online buying, the road back to work does not seem to improve at the same pace.

Marty Walsh Talks Child Care Facilities Fund

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh urges women to come back to work as the economy “needs” them. In an interview, Marty said, “We need to make sure if we’re going to have a strong recovery — a strong, equitable recovery — we need to get women back into the workforce,”.

Marty continues to talk about how the President released a $30 billion dollar plan to invest into child care facilities around USA. This will encourage women to return to work and start providing for their families. Though some women are reluctant to trust these new facilities and services.

Marty’s last comments in the interview were, “And that’s something that the president is focused on. That’s something that I’m focused on here at the Department of Labor, as well as our unemployment numbers in the Black community. Today it is 9.7%. So our communities of color have higher unemployment rates than their white counterparts. … We’ve always seen that discrepancy going back generations. But we have to be really intentional about investments that we’re making to make sure that as we recover from the pandemic, it’s an equitable recovery for all — for women and for people of color.”

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