Top 3 Tips For Mompreneurs


A new term is growing among the mother community and that is Mompreneurs. Mompreneurs are entrepreneurs who are also mothers, breaking the stigma behind motherhood. While many mothers are forced to leave their work to take care of their family, some mothers find ways to make residual income at home.

It’s no doubt that the pandemic allowed more moms to flourish with their home ventures considering the amount of time mothers are now spending at home. Though taking care of children is a full time job, many in the community are balancing alternative incomes and family.

Clearly this may not be for every mom, but if you are looking at this article then it is likely that you are thinking about starting a business. Mompreneurs are encouraged are many are setting the example of how you can build a successful business without creating a stressed home or family. Here are some tips you may need to get started in your entrepreneurship.

1. Tap Into Traditions & Culture

A great way for Mompreneurs to find inspiration or their next idea is to tap into the culture or traditions in the family. Whether it has to do with information on family recipes or solutions to marriage problems, many of this information would be useful to the community.

Culture & tradition make sense because many moms are limited as to where they can go or what they can do in a day. Not many moms can catch a flight to the mountains to do some soul searching so it would be best to utilize the information that is natural to you. Improving the little things in our lives can greatly evolve into success in women business.

2. Balance Family & Business

For many women entrepreneurs, balancing family and business is the hardest thing to accomplish. After major success in business, women CEOs are less likely to spend time with their family for the following years. The same is true for men, but things change with the rise in home based businesses. Now more than ever are women building and sustaining businesses all while staying at home. New proof suggests that successful businesses can be run remotely.

Of course, you do not want to hear mom on the phone during dinner all the time. So what can mompreneurs do to balance work and family? Well, firsts things first, you must set a schedule. A schedule filled with the tasks that must be completed, and one filled with family duties. In the book, The One Thing, the author said that the most important tasks should be dealt with in the morning.

Thus, try scheduling all the important work meetings and duties in the morning so you can tackle them early on. If your children are to be taken care of first, try having your spouse help you take care of the kids in the morning. Otherwise you must finish your family priorities first and quickly move on to the business tasks. Getting business done early will always prove beneficial for families to bond at night time.

3. Join Women Entrepreneur Organizations

More than ever are state governments adding more funds and grants for women entrepreneurs. Wherever you are located, there are plenty of organizations and communities that highlight and support moms who are starting businesses. Pressure is increasing for women to return back to work according to the Secretary of State but many women are refusing to come back.

At the same time many more women are opening up businesses and in some cases are becoming more profitable than men. Gain access to special services from non profits or for profits organizations that support women. Check with your latest state’s website or google searches for more information.


Moms are joining the business world with a new term ‘mompreneurs’. While it may seem hard to take care of children and run a business, it is certainly possible. After many women entrepreneurs who are also mothers shared their success stories, many are starting to believe in making your own income. Learning these 3 tips can help propel you into not getting out of hand when it comes to building a business and maintaining a family. Let us know what you think in the comment sections below!

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