WBDC $400,000 Grant Program for Female-owned Businesses

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The Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC) in Connecticut is given out $400,00 to female-owned businesses. With this new help available, more women are hopeful to start their own businesses in their communities. Another program that benefited was the Equity Match Grant Program.

The state matched the funds of the partnership and the two generated $400,000 to support women-owned businesses. Ever since the pandemic hitting the workforce, many including women have been scrambling to make ends meet.

From necessity came action, and many are starting their own side business to make extra funds during the pandemic. Commissioner for the Department of Economic and Community Development said, “This pandemic has impacted women out of the workforce, business ownerships and so again, anything that we can do to provide those interventions to keep the momentum going and not losing ground, we’re going to be focusing on,”

How Can I Get The WBDC Female Business Grant?

Alisa Bowens recently was granted a sum of money for founding her brewing company, Rhythm Brewing Company. Of course, not all business owners are granted money.

You may receive the grant funds upon explanation of how the funds will be allocated. Women business owners will also have to abide by requirements that set short-term and long-term goals. “We’re going to be using these funds strategically for every part and piece of our business to allow it to grow and more importantly to stay in the game,” said Bowens.

If you’re lucky to score some money, Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewics and Fran Pastore will visit your business. Visit the Women’s Business Development Center here.

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