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The month of March is devoted to Women’s History, honoring the incredible achievements of inspiring women from the past and present. The majority of men and women around the world believe in equal opportunity, though many countries would say otherwise.

Traditionally, women were seen as household wives who took care of children. However, in recent times are we experiencing growth in empowerment when it comes to the women workforce.

Over the last 20 years, the number of women-owned companies rose by 74%. Today’s start-up culture allows women to be their own bosses. More women who are in power can now define how they want to function and make work feel balanced and simpler.

The Rise Of A Women Made Products & Companies

Women have been inventing things and starting their businesses for decades, and World War II was not the beginning of it. It does, however, represent a period in American history when women joined the workforce in unprecedented numbers.

Hundreds of women rose to fame as some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs between 1980 and 2000. Businesswomen were finally in the spotlight, with Madonna featured on the cover of Forbes magazine as “America’s Smartest Business Woman”.

More women entrepreneurs rose to stardom like Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey. After these women business owners built their empire, the world was starting to understand the strength of ambitious women.

Many of these entrepreneurs left well-established careers since starting entrepreneurship. In the course of introducing creativity to their respective sectors,
they faced various obstacles and celebrated numerous victories. As a result, an increasing number of women are breaking down barriers to bring innovative ideas and high-quality products to market.

Why Shop Female-Owned Businesses?

Supporting women-owned businesses is something I enjoy and encourage others to do. Whether it’s a local boutique or picking up amazing products made by women for women. Women-owned businesses generate more revenue—more than twice as much per dollar invested—than men-owned businesses, making women-owned businesses a safe investment for investors.

Women-owned businesses also have higher levels of creativity, employee engagement, consumer understanding, and financial performance. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have a look at the female-owned businesses around the globe.

Women-Owned Jewelry Brands

When the right pieces are worn for the right purpose, jewelry has the potential to showcase a woman’s personality and bring out her best features. The following two brands have everything you need when it comes to jewelry.


HONEYCAT was developed to fill a void in the current jewelry industry. Julie and Jo, who share a sense of fearlessness and a desire for independence, collaborated on a few companies in college. After college, they reunited to make HONEYCAT.

They’ve created a brand that they’re proud of, allowing two best friends to hang out all the time. They set out to design high-quality pieces at reasonable prices. Visit the HONEYCAT review for an in-depth look.

Of Earth and Ocean

Of Earth And Ocean CEO Judith Stiles produces vivid ceramic glazes on usable forms using the finest Georgia Kaolin and hand-mixed oxides. Her extensive palette of matte earth tones and glass-like primary colors glisten with her jewelry.

All of their jewelry is handcrafted in their Wellfleet, Massachusetts studio using
sterling silver, copper, brass, sea glass, pearls, and other high-quality materials. Many of their designs are inspired by breathtaking sunrises. The moon and stars on a Cape Cod summer night and elegant sea glasses carry the wondrous energies of Earth and the Ocean. Read our Of Earth And Ocean review here.

Women-Owned Candy Brands

Tired every year from the same old candy? All right, probably not — but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have more room for variety. Following are the two women-owned candy and chocolate businesses that are producing new versions of classics and unique candies.

Sweet Jules Gifts

Sweet Jules Gifts has taken a hands-on approach to candy making by personally crafting and perfecting signature ingredients with unique flavors. By putting in a little extra time
and effort, they deliver the truest flavors and impress all customers.

Their soft buttery vanilla bean caramel, Dark Chocolate Pecan Caramels, red box collections, and pastries for local pickup are just wonderful and beautifully presented. Read more on our Sweet Jules Gifts review.

Truly Good Foods

TGF was founded in 1977 by Jerry and Betty York and is now ran by the second generation that includes daughters Carolyn Bennett and Angela Bauer and son-in-law John Bauer. Truly Good Foods specialize in premium and bold bulk snack mixes, freshly roasted nuts and seeds, dried fruit, and hundreds of packaged candies.

They start by sourcing the highest quality ingredients and then create snacks and mixes bursting with the flavors you love. It also offers retail branded lines that include Grabeez®, Buffalo Nuts®, Southern Sweets, trEAT4u, and more. Take a look at our Truly Good Foods review.

Women-Owned Skin Care Products

We were promised the future would be female, and these inspiring beauty entrepreneurs haven’t disappointed. For some, it was drawing upon personal struggles to replace irritating ingredients with sustainably sourced, nutrient-rich alternatives that soothed seriously inflamed skin.

For others, it was recreating a spa-like skincare experience with an at-home ritual that
delivered results. Following two brands and their stand-out products, you can feel good about supporting these women-owned skincare businesses.

Emma Hardie

The eponymous skincare line of Emma Hardie has been created to encourage women to treat their skin at home. To understand the obsession with Emma’s products, a wash is sufficient to understand the signature of Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm.

The rich and luxurious balsam is formulated in its signature, moringas, full of amino acids and vitamins, grape seed, and almond oils. It even comes with a plumbing towel to complete the indulgent purification experience.


But don’t stop there the whole line is full of indulgent, non-toxic products that treat your skin. Case in point: the brand’s Plump & Glow Hydrating Facial Mist won a Byrdie Eco Award this year. Read the Emma Hardie review here.


Since its start, Glossier has changed the beauty landscape so much that an introduction at this point does not seem necessary. The company, founded by Emily Weiss, stresses its loyal community and delivers products that respect customer opinions.


Glossier beauty products are always the go-to. Especially the creamy, powerful Milky Jelly Cleanser that looks adorable on our bathroom counters. View the Glossier review here.

Women-owned Soaps

Chemical soaps strip your body of oils while the chemicals are in your bloodstream. Whether you like bar soap or body wash, these women-owned soap makers have the right bath product for you.

Senteurs d’Orient

Hanah and her daughter Sarah joined together and created Handicraft and The Oriental Bath Rituals, a vibrant, multi Generation Company. Their soap is finely crafted and combines old traditional methods with modern machinery, including air-drying of the soap.


The air-drying process sprays the soaps with a soap base five times so that the finest soap can be produced. Products such as pure olive oil and smoothest shea butter are hand-mixed, without the need for disastrous inputs. Senteurs d’Orient uses skincare glycerin, vitamin E, and prideful essential oils: No parabens, no dye, no silicones, no
titanium dioxide, no EDTA, no tallow. Read our Senteurs d’Orient review.

The Honey Pot Company

The Honey Pot Company is a female care company with plants that are free of parabens, sulfates, teats, dioxins, and artificial fragrances. They sell healthy feminine laundries, liquid soaps, wipes, organic cotton pads, and much more.


The Honey Pot Company was created out of the need for a woman to heal herself naturally. Each wash-wipe Honey-Pot uses the physiological harmony of these
plant-based ingredients to provide better vaginal hygiene, promote pH balance, and help your natural immunity. They are familiar with using natural antibacterial, antiseptics, antimicrobials, and humidifying forces. Read our Honey Pot Company review here.

Women-owned Decor

As the message goes, there is no place like home. These home decor brands owned by women are here for support. These pieces of furniture, lights, textiles, and accessories make you feel at home. Read more about women-owned decor below.

The Black Home

Neffi Walker is a mother of five, a business owner, and the main designer of The Black Home. She bridged the gap in terms of enviable family, creativity, and business. The way she approaches design can reflect her ambition and taste. In many of her designs, Neffi is often considered daring and uses dark tones as the focus.


Neffi Walker’s adaptation of minimalism, known for emphasizing black walls with colored pop-s and opulent gold mirrors, is accompanied by Essence, Blavity, and Domino and apartment therapy. Visit our The Black Home review page for more information.

54kibo Home Decor

54kibo Home Decor creates authentic, sustainable, and contemporary African design. Nana Quagraine has established 54 Kibo together with a team of managers, investors, and advisers who are committed to sharing Africa’s wide-ranging creativity and talent.


To take a deeper look into the women-owned home decor business, read our 54kibo review.

Women-owned Clothing Brands

Fashion has always been a form of self-expression and art, so why not do it consciously? Trends come and go, as do the clothes during the frenzy. Taking the time to pick and choose quality garments that will last a long time over a large quantity of on-and-off “trendy” clothing. The following brands are some famous women-owned clothing brands:


AYR was born to Bonobos as a “sister brand,” but since then this little sister has grown up on her own. AYR is probably most well-known for the duster coat from The Robe, seen on top models such as Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner.


Founded by MaggieWinter, Max Bonbrest, and Jac Cameron, these three partners make clothes to wear all year round (AYR). Similarly, its high-quality denim is perfect. And don’t overlook AYR’s simple tapestry — when you buy two or more they are always 20% off. Read our AYR review here.

Richer Poorer

Richer Poorer, co-funded by Iva Pawling and Tim Morse, made comfortable basics before the pandemic. It began with socket and underwear lines and now offers very
convenient matching underwear, sweats, and T-shirts on their website.


The brand is also committed to sustainability, making some pieces of clothing out of recycled material. To learn more about Richer Poorer, visit our review post here.


Therefore, the list of women’s companies never ends. It is stunning to retrace how the fashion world is still dominated by men for such a women-centered industry. However, the good news is that more women stand up every day and start-up their brands and companies independently.

Women certainly, should be celebrated daily, but this is an annual reminder that they take a break and recognize all the steps they make in today’s world. For us, this means honoring the many women who take responsibility and undermine the industry by creating their brands, implementing their visions, and often encouraging other ladies to do the same.

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